Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), that are currently hot favourites of most people around the globe, have seemingly lost their true taste. SUVs were designed to help people reach a location which was not easy to get to. As time passed, people adopted technology into their lives, resulting in a smooth mode of transportation. Even though there are a lot of people who enjoy the current design sand handling of the SUVs currently available in the market, several motorists say too much technology has actually ruined the real fun of driving cars. In order to bring back the real feel of the SUV, meanwhile, we have got you a ‘beast’. Relax! We are not talking about Mercedes Benz G63 but this SUV by Karlmann Kings is surely a game-changer in the auto sector.

Apart from being one of the most badass SUVs, Karlmann Kings is also one of the most expensive SUVs present till date. Currently, when Tesla is putting in efforts to change the auto sector by replacing petrol motors with electric engines, this Karlmann Kings will surely appeal to the rich buyers who are annoyed by the silent electric motors. One of the most expensive SUVs, Karlmann Kings is also one of the scariest one would have ever come across. The SUV was showcased in all black that reminded people of the Batmobile driven by Batman in The Dark Knight. So, this beast was not actually built from scratch; the beast uses a Ford truck F-550 chassis to cast its heavy body.

As per recent reports, only 9 Karlmann Kings will ever be built by its Chinese maker. The all-black beast is as heavy as it looks. It weighs around 4.5 tonnes which is said to increase if the buyer prefers a bullet proof version. Now, let’s find out how the car got its name. The following beauty is named after a 6th-century king of a part of modern-day France – Carloman I – a younger brother of Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor. While people are going head-over-heels on the beauty of the car, many still wonder why it was named after Carloman as he had a short and troublesome reign after dying of natural causes at the age of 20. A tribute, perhaps? Even though one look of the car is all that it takes one to make one fall in love with it, the car’s design is expected to make it more thrilling for drivers while driving.

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The custom work of the SUV has been customised from scratch taking away all the boring curves we usually see today. The exterior of the car is all straight and angular surfaces including the lamps. The massive grill placed in the front of the car carries the logo and also adds the bold quotient to the looks. The SUV by Karlmann Kings is powered by Ford’s 6.8-litre V10 engine. Even though the V10 engine and other specifications add a lot of power, the beast is speed-restricted to 140 kmph. As per the claims by the manufacturer, the Karlmann Kings is the most toughest SUV to be going into production. As per the claims, the car can operate easily under harsh conditions like from -40 to 200 degrees Celsius. The brutal SUV, which costs around Rs 13 crore, will have only 9 units made. Reacting on the small number of SUVs to be made, the manufacturer said 9 Karlmann Kings will be made because 9 is the lucky number of China.

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