Ending the long two years wait, Elon Musk on Thursday finally revealed the electric semi truck that will hit the market soon. Tesla CEO held an event at SpaceX’s Hawthorne, California headquarters where he first unveiled the all-new Roadster and took it for a spin for the audience. It was after the four wheels came the 18-wheel mean machine that purely runs on green energy. The breathtaking Tesla truck was undoubtedly everything that Elon Musk promised before its launch.

After showcasing the Roadster which is twice the size of any car that Tesla has in the market today and is priced at a whopping $200,000, Musk said that “the point of doing all this is to give a hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars.” He then unveiled two electric trucks, one in white and second in grey, which got the audience on its toes and there was an overwhelming applause from the crowd for the stunning looks of the trucks.

The Tesla semi truck is extremely fast, at least faster than the rest of the trucks as it reaches 0-60 mph in just under 5 seconds. The electric truck can run 500 miles in one charge on maximum load at GVW and highway speed. Another fantastic feature given by Tesla in the vehicle is the autopilot mode that allows the driver a hassle-free experience on the freeway. Although the truck does not have a fully autonomous driving mode, Musk has said that full autopilot mode in trucks is his long-term plan.

Now to cater the charging needs of these vehicles, the American company has also planned Tesla Charging. It will recharge 400 miles of life in half an hour and there will be a network of hypercharges and mega chargers instated worldwide. The trucks could be charged either at the origin or at the destination. The company has also promised to provide guaranteed low electricity rates for Tesla vehicles.