Friday, September 30, 2022

Mercedes S-Class 2021 teaser: Check features and specifications here

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Mercedes has just dropped a teaser about the 2021 S-Class, and given auto buffs an insight into what the sedan might offer. The German auto giant’s S-Class has long since been the favorite of the rich, due to both its prestige and its performance.

While Mercedes has been dropping inputs about the latest S-Class for some time now, the latest teaser video gives perhaps the biggest glimpse into what the sedan will have on offer.

It will feature a striking front LED head light system to a massive central infotainment system and even a futuristic key fob. The 2021 S-Class appears to be competing against the preceding model in terms of how much it can reinvent itself. It will also get quilted leather reclining rear seats. The new S-Class which will have an extensive and complex network of fiber optics made of transparent coating to offer ambient lighting like in no other passenger vehicle. Each of these fiber optic will comprise of around 250 LEDs and the entire design will emphasize on putting out a single continuous line of light in the cabin.

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In a first for any car, the new S-Class will also get airbags for rear-seat passengers. These have been designed to protect rear-seat passengers in the case of a frontal crash.

The 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class will also get the new Pre-Safe Impulse Side function system. It uses radar sensors to detect side impact and protects the occupants. Reports suggest that the 2021 S-Class may also offer Level 3 autonomous driving and while Mercedes has not confirmed this, it could be a game-changer in the luxury sedan segment.

Mercedes is betting big on the 2021 S-Class in a world that is fast moving towards electric mobility. The car has long represented the pinnacle of automotive engineering as well as automotive indulgence, and the new S-Class looks to build on both.

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