Change is the only constant. It is said that the only reason why dinosaurs failed to live through the times was because the creatures failed to adapt to the changing atmosphere. However, humans are smarter and technologically advanced than the dinosaurs so in order to keep up with the pace they invented things that helped them in moving forward. Now, the one sector that has witnessed the maximum number of changes is undoubtedly the automobile sector. You must be wondering why we are mixing up cars with dinosaurs … No! It’s not a new Transformers movie. The thing which we are discussing here is how the German automaker, Porsche, decided to end the manufacturing as well as sales of its all diesel-powered cars.

Porsche’s all-time inclination towards electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles are something which is known to all. The German automaker, Porsche, stole the show with their fastest hybrid car, Porsche 918 Spyder and further proved its competitors that Porsche is way ahead when it comes to mixing performance with technology. Porsche is also one automaker that has never shied away from expressing its love for electric motors. Meanwhile, Porsche has recently announced that it will no more be selling the diesel engine cars. So does this mean that Porsche is about to come out with an all-new electric vehicle? Well, that’s something that time will tell.

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If you are wondering that why there was a ‘sudden change’ in plans by the German automaker, well Porsche dropped all the diesel vehicles following an emissions compliance issue for European markets. Now many perceive this announcement as a boost to the environment but no one is actually ready to understand the sorrows of diesel heads. The announcement by the German automaker has directly affected its newly launched Porsche Macan SUV. Instead of replacing the 3.0-liter turbo diesel V6 engine with an electric motor, the company has now decided to take it off the market. One of the biggest indications by the German automaker over the diesel engines came in August last year when Porsche didn’t offer its all-new Cayenne in diesel but hinted that the car would be getting a plug-in hybrid in coming future.

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Now one of the interesting facts is even though the company recently announced that it will not be selling diesel-powered cars anymore, Porsche hasn’t sold any turbo diesel vehicle in North America since 2015. Releasing a statement on the matter, Porsche’s Executive Board for Research and Development head Michael Steiner, stated that the company will not be giving up on the internal combustion engines. While Autocar reported Porsche may not be done with diesel forever, it’s very clear the automaker’s attention has shifted to electrification.

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