We all have at least one comfort spot, some are comfortable with a particular set of people, environment or some feel relaxed in a pair of their old shorts and slippers. However, Triumph seems to be on a mission of bringing people out of their comfort zones. Triumph that had recently started its operations in India has stopped delivering bikes to the owners who wore slippers at the time of taking the delivery of their bike. If reports are to be believed, the British maker has said that it won’t be selling out their bikes to the people dressed inappropriately. 

The reports Triumph turning down customers over improper dress code was later confirmed by the MD of Triumph India, Vimal Sumbly. Further disclosing the matter Sumbly said that they have refused a customer who walks in with full money but refuses to wear a helmet and other safety gears. As per a report by CarToq, Sumbly said, “We have lost some 12 customers in India that way. People come in slippers, floaters or shorts and say, ‘I want to buy the bike.’ You can’t judge by a person’s face, but if he is not properly dressed and just wants to show off that he has just bought a bike, that is not happening. They are well versed with the brand. But some are new money and there is certain arrogance with that. We refuse those customers.”

Well, the decision by the Triumph India MD might have left several rich brats heart-broken but it was a decision which was appreciated by the true bikers across the globe. Triumph that has left Harley Davidson biting the dust, sells a wide range of motorcycles and a few of them are Bonneville at a starting price of Rs 7 lakh and also much-talked Rocket III which costs around Rs 22 lakh.