In order to put a hold on the rising air pollution the National Green Tribunal (NGT) had put a ban on the vehicles which were more than 15-years-old. In the order passed, the NGT had said that the vehicles which were more than 15-years-old cause more air pollution than other vehicles hence they need to be taken off the road. The order was lauded by all the environmentalists but the decision also irked the sentiments of many car and bike enthusiasts resulting in massive protests.

Well, one of the biggest reasons why this decision was being criticised was because the implementation of this ban would have resulted in a sudden death of all the vintage cars in the nation which actually bring out the life in the dead greasy roads of India. Finally, it seems that even the NGT office is filled with some car enthusiasts and car fanatics. Amending their 15-year-old vehicle ban, the NGT has now permanently exempted all the vintage and classic cars and bikes from the 15-year-old vehicle ban, making all the protestors to take a back-seat.

Referring to the Rule 92 (2)(c) of Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 and Section 59 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 to grant an exemption to ‘antique/vintage’ vehicles, the NGT granted the lifetime exemption to all the vintage cars and bikes present in the nation. Passing the judgement, Justice Swtanter Kumar, who was heading the bench, said that the vintage cars, bikes can satisfy the prescribed norms. However, the exemption for vintage cars and bikes didn’t come for free! Announcing the exemption, the NGT said that all the owners of the vintage vehicles will have to be a part of better environment building by taking up corporate social responsibility (CSR). The other order said that the owners will have to plant more trees and also put out dustbins to improve the quality of surroundings.

The NGT was forced to exempt the vintage vehicles from the ban, after the Heritage Motoring Club of India, headed by advocate KTS Tulsi, filed a plea with to allow the vintage and classic cars, bikes to run on the roads. Earlier in 2014, the NGT had proposed the vehicle, and had allowed all the vintage vehicles to run road but only after a nod by the NGT. As per reports, Indian is a home to as many as 10,000 vintage vehicles which were manufactured from 1886-1987.

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