Avani Soni rolls up her sleeves for her next film ‘Ghelo’

13 February, 2021 | newsx bureau

One of the leading Casting Director of Gujarati Entertainment Industry, Avani Soni is currently gearing up for her upcoming Gujarati Feature Film 'Ghelo'. The romantic tale stars Tushar Sadhu and J...

Casting has always been one of the very tough yet underrated elements of a film production. But with the advent of digital platforms, we have got to know a few of the most talented casting directors working in the business. Avani Soni, working in the Gujarati film industry has been one such example.

Starting early just at the age of 22, she has had quite a filmography with films like ‘Tamburo’ and ‘Chutti Kashe Chhakka’. Avani Soni’s company has been the face for debutants as it has discovered some of the best talents in Gujarati Cinema in the recent past. Her work of bringing newcomers into the forefront and her experience in the industry for 10 years with some of the top artists from the entertainment industry speaks volumes.

She worked with director Durgesh Tanna on his film ‘Luv Ni Love Storys’ which released on 31st January 2020 and it received much acclaim. After the success of ‘Luv Ni Love Storys’, Avani Soni is on her way to cast for director Durgesh Tanna again for his next film. The next film they have been working on has been titled ‘Ghelo’. It’s a romantic tale that features Tushar Sadhu and Jhinal Belani in the lead.

Recently, the motion poster of the film was released on social media and it seems that it is going to be an amazing experience for the movie-goers. The visuals are stunning double exposures which syncs beautifully with the background score. It gives a sense of sinking and intensity of love altogether. The shooting of the film will begin in the summer of 2021.