Ayush Yadav: Loved by millions for his acting skills, paving paths to his Bollywood debut with Saloni Mittal

14 June, 2021 | newsx bureau

Ayush Yadav Entertainment

With 11 lakhs followers on Instagram and 12 lakh subscribers on youtube, Ayush Yadav is a social media star. He is currently in talks with a popular director to play the lead in a movie.

Ayush Yadav, originally from Guna district, belongs to a lower middle class family. Ayush, who wanted to become an actor since childhood, had such a shortage of resources some 4-5 years ago that he had to seek the help of friends to make videos and upload them on social media. In the initial phase, Ayush used to work with his friends and acquaintances to make videos in some way.

At the same time, the circumstances of the house were not such that they would get a good environment for studies. Nor was the family capable enough to provide them with expensive higher education. The way to overcome all these complications was to work hard and go out to fulfil your dreams. Ayush also did the same. Worked hard and passed the 12th board with very good numbers.

He understood that for whatever he wanted to do, he would have to go out of the fold and go to Delhi. He enrolled in Delhi University on the basis of hard work and his marks. He continued to fight with challenges even while studying in college. He spent a lot of time doing small jobs along with studying in his spare time.

But along with all these troubles, his difficulties did not lessen. Families familiar with the stories of the struggles of the acting world also did not support him for the election of this region. It was also a big challenge to explain them, but Ayush took this risk and took the parents to believe in faith and got ready to make the dream come true.

There were many problems in the new city, but it was from here that his journey started and he started making small concept videos on social media. In this journey, Ayush also joined famous Actress Saloni Mittal. He made videos with Saloni, which got so much love from the people that his videos started trending under the name hashtag Sayu. After the initial struggle, there was a gradual response from the people and there was a time when Aayush got the silver play button from YouTube too.

This all has made him enter into the world of influencer on social media. Now, he helps individuals and groups to emerge upon as a brand in this tough competition using his popularity on social media platforms. His style and aura also have made him try his luck in the world of fashion as a model and actor.

Within no time, he was able to win the hearts of millions with his videos with his perfect comic timing and great sense of humor. His style statement, acting and the right blend of expressions and emotions made him popular. His videos allowed people to enjoy a good time on social media. Today, he has many followers on Instagram who have been following him only for his videos. These factors were enough to make him the starĀ  in the social world.

Today, Ayush Yadav continues to be a star on social media . With 11 lakhs followers on Instagram and 12 lakh subscribers on youtube. Ayush Yadav has become the inspiration of many youngsters these days. He has done a reality show ‘Fame House’ with mx player.

He is in talk with a popular director and set to play the lead in a movie. He has also collaborated with singer Honey Singh. To stay updates about Ayush Yadav’s story and his upcoming movie, Follow him on social platforms.