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“Ballot Chor” vs “Khalnayika”: Now AAP, BJP in poster war over MCD ruckus

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Taking the fight in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) House over the six-member standing committee election to social media, the BJP and the AAP waged a poster war. As the BJP mocked AAP with a “Khalnayika” remark, the latter responded with a “Ballot Chor” remark.

“BJP people who are making so much noise, are the killers of democracy and Ballot chors (thieves),” read AAP’s roughly translated Hindi tweet. AAP also shared a post on social media similar to a film’s poster, sarcastically attacking the BJP saying, “Ballot Chor Machaye Shor”.

The poster features images of BJP MPs Manoj Tiwari and Gautam Gambhir, as well as other leaders. This comes after the BJP poked fun at the AAP with a satirical post on social media.

“AAP’s ‘khalnayika’ (villain) who caused violence and showed dictatorship in the House,” read the tweet from BJP Delhi roughly translated from Hindi. BJP Delhi shared a sarcastic post similar to a film’s poster, which read: “AAP Films presents ‘Khal Nayika’ by Arvind Kejriwal – the surprising drama of 2023.”

Meanwhile, the Delhi High Court on Saturday, in a special hearing, stayed the re-election of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi’s Standing Committee, which was scheduled for February 27, 2023.

While staying the re-election of Standing Committee members, the Bench of Justice Gaurang Kant also served notice on all respondents, including newly elected Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi. Following the chaos at MCD House, Delhi’s Mayor announced on Friday that new elections will be held on February 27 at 11 a.m.

On Friday, the MCD House descended into chaos as BJP and AAP members threw punches, jostled, and rained blows on each other over the results of the election to the six-member standing committee. After Mayor Shelly Oberoi declared one vote invalid, the unruly scenes erupted.

Following the failure of the MCD to elect a six-member standing committee due to a ruckus in the House, AAP Councillor and Mayor Shelly Oberoi claimed on Friday that BJP Councillors dragged her chair and pushed her.

After yet another tense session in the MCD House, Mayor Oberoi went to the Kamla Market police station to file a FIR against BJP councillors. She requested that police officers protect her.

Oberoi stated that standing committee elections were held in response to BJP demands.”Still, they created a ruckus and came up on stage to attack me. I thank female Civil Defence personnel for saving me. BJP members physically assaulted AAP female members. BJP accept your defeat,” she said.

The House was in turmoil for the third day.

“As soon as the voting was taking place, the BJP Councillors clearly sensed that they were losing. That is why they stormed the session. As soon as I was about to announce the result, the BJP Councillors, especially Arjun Marwah, Chandan Chaudhary, and Ravi Negi came to the stage. Chaudhary dragged my chair and pushed me. I ran for my life,” Shelly said.

She also claimed that the BJP “deliberately” created a commotion for over 2.5 months in order to stall the MCD meeting and run the House in an unconstitutional manner.

“BJP every time created a ruckus during the standing committee election. That is why today I am here to register a police complaint. I have requested SHO to file an FIR against the BJP councillors, especially those three, and provide me protection,” she added.

Shelly Oberoi announced that the election of MCD Standing Committee members will now take place on February 27. The House of Representatives was adjourned until February 27. Members of the BJP also went to the Kamla Market police station to file a FIR against the AAP.

They alleged a “attempt of murder on AAP’s women councillor”.

BJP Councillor Meenakshi Sharma later filed a police complaint against AAP Councillors at Kamla Market Police Station for “causing grievous harm and injury and committing criminal assault with women Councillors of BJP intending to outrage the modesty and giving threat of life with criminal conspiracy”

Meenakshi Sharma claimed that an AAP member struck her with a sharp object.  “They also touched my neck. It was done by a male Councillor. They haven’t allowed a single House sustain. I do not know if she’s Delhi’s Mayor or AAP’s. She acts on orders by Kejriwal and their masters,” she said.

AAP Councillor Ashok Kumar Maanu collapsed during the unprecedented fight in the House and ensuing commotion. He later recovered and joined the protest organised by the party. Both the BJP and the AAP blamed one another for the violence.
According to AAP’s Saurabh Bharadwaj, the AAP received 138 votes in a poll of 6 members of the Delhi MCD Standing Committee, while the BJP received fewer.

“AAP has 134 Councillors, one joined BJP. Since Congress Councillors are not here, it means there are some BJP Councillors who voted for AAP,” he said.

Harish Khurana, a Delhi BJP leader, accused the AAP of using violence and not abiding by the rules.

“Election officers declare the election and say that votes declared invalid by Mayor are valid. Three candidates each of AAP and BJP have won. But AAP does hooliganism here as instructed by Kejriwal. We will not tolerate this goondaism and approach the Court,” he said.

AAP leaders slammed the BJP over the uproar. “They are so shameless that they attacked even women and the Mayor. BJP goons did this.”

Atishi, an AAP leader, claimed that the BJP displayed goondaism in the Civic Centre.

“Standing committee election was going on. When counting started BJP realised they were losing and they created a ruckus. The mayor was attacked and physically assaulted by the BJP male member,” she said.

“What behaviour is this? This is shameful and condemnable. The country is seeing this. BJP should accept their defeat. I request BJP to stop their goondaism. Those who have attacked the Mayor will be sent behind bars,” Atishi added.

According to BJP leader Vijender Gupta, election results are being tampered with, incorrect announcements are being made, and fistfights are taking place.
According to Gupta, six members were supposed to be elected to the Standing Committee.

“Three members each from AAP and BJP were elected. One AAP member lost. All this was done to make him win and the results were tampered with. We demand CBI inquiry, such people should be arrested and action should be taken,” he said.
Former Delhi Mayor Aarti Mehra stated that the Mayor has no authority over the outcome.

“She can only announce it. We will go to court and take legal action against her. I can show a video where Atishi is seen giving directions to create a ruckus. Strong action will be taken. We will fight against these goons,” she said.

A video shared by the Delhi BJP showed Atishi conversing with an AAP councillor moments before the councillor became involved in a violent brawl.

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