Sunday, December 3, 2023

Bangladesh: Tragic Train Collision Kills 15, Over 100 Injured

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In a tragic incident on Monday, two trains collided in the city of Bhairab, located in eastern Bangladesh, resulting in a reported 15 fatalities and approximately 100 people sustaining injuries. There is a prevailing concern among officials that the number of casualties may rise as the situation unfolds.

The collision, which transpired at around 4:00 pm local time, involved a freight train colliding with a passenger train that was traveling in the opposite direction. This collision led to the derailment of two passenger carriages.

Sadiqur Rahman, a government administrator in Bhairab, noted, “We have recovered 15 bodies, with many more injured, and we expect the death toll to rise.”

As rescue operations continue, there are reports of individuals still trapped beneath overturned coaches. Train accidents are, unfortunately, a common occurrence in Bangladesh, often attributed to factors such as inadequate signaling, negligence, aging rail infrastructure, and deteriorating tracks.

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