In the fight for your right, NewsX tried to detect the ground reality and the truth behind Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) and the owners of the companies, who run their business only on papers. As per the reports of 2016, NewsX has tried to find and reach out to such companies who are continuously fouling and making financial offenses. The list of the defaulters is more than a 200 pages long list, containing names, addresses, and amounts of 1406 companies and the total loans amounting to 1000s of crores of rupees, loans that have been taken by individuals, companies and have not been paid back.

Tracking the list of NPA files, NewsX has carried out an investigation and tried to reach out to the roots of the truth. During its investigation, NewsX has found that there are many more Vijay Malaya’s and Nirav Modi’s who are still in the country, doing such financial scams. In the investigation, Team NewsX have found a web of fake addresses, empty buildings. The investigation as it is riveting is also serious at the same time. We tried to meet such peoples, but most of the addresses were fake. The questions are still unanswered that why these people are not returning the money to the banks and are they still in the country or not? Take a look at these three case studies where NewsX tried to investigate the matter. As part of our investigation, NewsX track down their address but found out that all the companies either listed a fake address or their office’s building were empty. 

Case 1, page no. 1

Name: Dwarka Das

NPA amount: 358 crores

Address: Shop no. 202, 2nd floor, 2447/10 Beadonpura, Karol Bagh

What we found: Shop shut

Below is the excerpt from the conversation when NewsX tracked down these firm address

NewsX: This is the building

NewsX: This is the shop number, which is closed

Man: This one?

NewsX: No this one and it never opens

Man: This is the way through

Case 2: Page no. 1

Name: Apple industries

NPA amount: 248 crores

Address: Unit no. 701-a, 7th floor GD-ITL tower, Pitampura

What we found: Address wrong

Below is the excerpt from the conversation when NewsX tracked down these firm address

NewsX: Excuse me, is this the office space for apple industries?

Reply: Yes is it

NewsX: Office doesn’t operate from here?

Reply: No no

NewsX: Where can i

find Pawan Kumar, others?

Reply: I don’t know about that

NewsX: We got this as Sanjeev’s address

Reply: No ma’am, Razvi Manas works here

NewsX: Does he come by?

Reply: Yes

NewsX: When can I meet him?

Reply: Somebody has expired, so he’s gone there. Our meter isn’t working either

NewsX: Can I get his number?

Reply: He has a new number and my phone isn’t working

NewsX: How long have you been working here?

Reply: About a month or so

NewsX: So they don’t operate from here? But this is the official registered address?

Reply: That’s true. I have just started working here. I am not sure

NewsX: So where do they operate from?

Reply: I think from Noida or C.P

NewsX: Can we get that address?

Reply: I don’t have that

Case 5, pg no. 1:

Name: Dsc limited

NPA amount: 230 crores

Address: E-9, 3rd floor, South Ex-part II, New Delhi

What we found: Deserted building

Below is the excerpt from the conversation when NewsX track down these firm address

NewsX: Completely deserted building

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