Barrister Babu Preview: Bondita leaves Anirudh’s family speechless

24 February, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Barrister Babu Preview: Tonight's episode will see some high octane drama with Bondita entering Anirudh's house despite his families disapproval of her, and get into an argument with them leaving a...

Barrister Babu premiered on 11th February 2020, and has developed quite a viewership in just a week with its intriguing storyline, and high on drama episodes. Tonight’s episode will be the same as Anirudh will be opposed by his family for marrying Bondita, and Bondita being herself will stand against Anirudh’s family for their disapproval of her by challenging their notions of society and marriage which will lead to Anirudh’s family asking him to leave the house for good.

Barrister Babu has established itself as the show that comments on the duality and hypocrisy of society while advocating women equality every step of the way, similar will be seen in tonight’s episode as despite Anirudh being the barrister it will be Bondita who will advocate herself and Anirudh while defending their, it will be a great banter to watch for the viewers as it will include highly dramatic back and forth between Bondita and Anirudh’s father.

The viewers of the show have already grown fond of Bondita because of her quick wit and logical arguments and in tonight’s episode that will leave Anirudh’s family speechless as they will be mesmerized by seeing the brains on the 12-year-old who has the confidence to speak her mind and take a stand for herself and her husband.

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Barrister Babu from tonight’s episode will shift its central plot from focusing on mother-daughter relationship to husband-wife relationship between Anirudh and Bondita as Anirudh looking at the argumental skills on Bondita will try to get her into education to make her a barrister like himself.

The show will further the storyline by showing how Anirudh struggles to fight against society to get Bondita into an educational institution as women education is still is frowned upon by the society in the time period the show is set in.

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This change of focus in the storyline will help the viewers to understand Anirudh’s character and develop even more emotional attachment to the central character of Bondita.