Barrister Babu: Saudamini tries to manipulate Bondita

2 April, 2020 | newsx bureau

Barrister Babu Entertainment

Barrister Babu: Saudamini tried to manipulate Bondita so that she will leave the house. Saudamini created hatred in Bondita's heart against Anirudh and asked her to keep her bad habit so that Aniru...

In the last latest episode aired on television of popular new show Barrister Babu, we have seen how Saudamini tries to manipulate Bondita and tried to create hatred in Bonditas heart for Roy Chaudhary’s. Saudamini failed in her plan and would not able to throw Bondita out of Roy Chaudhary’s Haveli. She got upset and planned a new strategy. Saudamini decided to take advantage of Bondita’s trust in her. Saudamini went to Bondita and told her that Anirudh does not like her and that is why he is not letting her go to her mother’s place.

Bondita said that she wanted to go home and does not want to get humiliated because of her bad habit. Saudakini said that she has to trust her and have the same that she will tell her to do. She said that Bondita has to keep her bad habit for more than 6 days so that Anirudh will loose from Binoy and will let her go. Bondita got confused and then she said that she will not do anything which would make her husband unhappy. She will follow everything and will what Anirudh will ask him to do. Saudamini got shocked by Bondita’s pledge.

Tilochan then came to Bondita and gave Tabeez so that her problem will go away.┬áIt was a pointed tabeez which was hurting Bondita, Trilochan asked her not to tell to Anirudh. Then Binoy stopped Trilochan and said that why he wanted to keep Bondita in the house. Trilochan said that Bondita is a part of the family now and she can’t be thrown out of the house. Well, the latest shot episodes are now over and the story had begun from day 1. If you have missed Bondita’s story then you can catch up.