Based on WhatsApp new policy controversy, local chat & video platform CitizenChat crosses 500k followers: Kyuki Aap Mein Hai Kalakaar

18 February, 2021 | newsx bureau

CitizenChat allows Indians to communicate in their own language. Malli Malta, COO of CitizenChat says that the most exciting part of this app is that it is launched in India, a place where there is...

The chain of communication is complete when the receiver can understand the exact context and meaning of the message as intended by the recipient. But with most apps of instant messaging so far in English with all embedded foreign languages, many Indians who wish to communicate in their dialects were left high and dry. Missing the comfort of reading a contextual joke ,the puns you wished to communicate and the tone will only be possible in our own language.

As Malli Malta, COO of the new instant messaging service, CitizenChat noted, “I wanted my parents to read my messages in their language, not a foreign one”. A very apt and understandable issue considering a large number of senior citizens are using these apps to stay in touch with family and friends. Isolated and nuclear living has given rise to this innate need to be in touch throughout the day.

Cultures and Languages are Part of Communication

CitizenChat app was developed with the vision to shorten the distance between people. The app effectively uses a series of tools and technologies to give a practical form to the vision of COO, Malli Matla. In the words of the COO, “The most exciting part of this app is, it is launched in India, a place where there is a perfect amalgamation of different cultures, languages, and ethnicity itself.”

The app was developed with a clear motive of creating an ally to allow users to be integrated into working communities which facilitate hiring into different types of personalised professional communities matching them to the needs and profiles of the individuals.

On the fun side, if you are exciting, spontaneous and creative, here is the perfect platform for you to showcase your talent. Creating short form videos from genres like comedy, dance, art and education is a household rage these days. There is so much talent in people and all they need is a medium to connect with people and let the world see what they can do.

Safe To Use App

Users had been using some Chinese apps for uploading short videos for entertainment purposes till now. In recent times, serious questions were raised regarding the safety of users while using the app. The Indian government took some tough decisions and as a result, the app was banned in India keeping in mind the safety of Indian users.

If you too love to record and share your talent and make engaging videos of your activities, you do not need to depend on some unreliable foreign app which can play havoc with your data and safety. Instead, you can download and use CitizenChat app, your ‘Made In India’ answer to all your video making needs.

 CitizenChat: A Refreshing Change

CitizenChat brings you a whole new world of experience in entertainment. It comes up as a great medium for users, particularly vloggers, influencers, and people interested in creating video content. Not only does the app allow users to capture beautiful moments of their lives and share them with family and friends, it also allows them to tag friends and add descriptions with a click of a button on the video thumbnail.

Loaded With Features

CitizenChat comes loaded with very user friendly and innovative features for its users. Some of them being:

  • Conveniently, users can add voice overs, music filters, stickers, visual effects, texts and polls to their videos.
  • The speed of the video can also be adjusted to run slower or speed up with the speed adjustment feature in the app. Additionally, the volume of the videos can also be adjusted.
  • Different kinds of background music can be added to the video from the variety of music genres available to make the video even more captivating and fun.
  • The videos can be trimmed or cropped and text can be actually pasted over the video itself.
  • The wide range of video editing tools available in the app, allow users to create amazing video content. Users can beautify their images as well as videos with the features available in the app to enhance the quality of the image or video.
  • Once you have created that fun, amazing and mind boggling video, the app offers you several options on how you can upload the video. You can post your creations and share those precious moments using the video thumbnails available in the app.
  • You can tag your friends and add a description to the video to give it a context for the viewers.

Freedom To Share

The app is very particular about letting the users decide the extent of interaction they want for their content like:

  • To keep away negative and unwanted attention and noise around your content, the app offers you the option of disabling comments on your video.
  • On the other hand, if you’re looking for some appreciation and critical feedback on what you have created, you can keep the comments on and get ideas, suggestions and feedback from your viewers.
  • If you do not want strangers to view your videos, you can keep the settings to private and allow only friends to be able to see your videos.
  • Thus, the video can be made available to all publicly or just to a select few as per the choice of the user.
  • You can also like, save, share and download videos posted by other users.

A Treat For Influencers

Influencers who wish to connect personally with their followers can share amazing content with them with the help of this tool. The app comes with a ‘Duel Mode’ feature, that lets the user voice his opinion on burning issues, react to videos that have been uploaded by others and participate in challenges. This feature can make you an overnight sensation as an influencer! If you are an existent influencer, you can attain more followers and enhance your fan engagement rate.

User Safety Compromised In Other Apps

When it comes to security of users, videos are not the only concern. The foreign apps Indians had been using till now pose serious threats to the privacy of information of the users. There is much protest going on for the same, not only in India, but internationally too. Extremely exclusive and sensitive information like location, contact details, bank account details etc are at a risk with these foreign apps.

User Safety: A Primary Feature In CitizenChat App

CitizenChat, being a one hundred percent desi app, keeps user information safe from all such threats. You can use this app to chat and connect with people not just in your close vicinity, but anywhere over the world without worrying about your information being placed in unwanted hands. Your communication on CitizenChat is streamlined, secure and protected. Spokesperson Malli Malta COO CitizenChat app, puts things into perspective, assuring users of the safety the app brings to them and says, “We hope it will bolster and make the world of chatting apps more streamline.”

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