‘Be there to inspire rather than influence’: Shrima Rai

13 July, 2021 | newsx bureau

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In the exclusive conversation, Shrima Rai spoke to us about her work, how to balance two roles of a mother and blogger, digital media space, her transition from a banker to content creator and much...

Shrima Rai is an influencer, fashion, beauty and lifestyle digital content creator. She’s known on internet for redefining motherhood by showcasing the chic side of it. She is breaking all societal norms. Shrima recently joined NewsX for an exclusive conversation as part of NewsX Influencer A-List series. In the exclusive conversation, she spoke to us about her work, how to balance two roles of a mother and blogger, digital media space, her transition from a banker to content creator and much more.

Shrima commenced by talking about her work “I mostly create content on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I cover my fitness journey as mother of two, cooking, fashion and beauty.”  Commenting on if motherhood has ever come in way of her being on internet as blogger, she said “No, I think I want to break all stereotypes and I don’t see any limitations.”

On being asked how she creates a balance between being a mother and digital content creator and does her kids look upto her to become bloggers in future? She responded “On social media people have very stylish curated page. I am conscious of that too. I don’t think that I can be a working woman and do as much as I do by myself. I never give that impression that I am handling all by myself and I have help at home. To answer 2nd question, no my kids don’t want to be digital content creators.”

When asked about any existing social norms and barriers for her who she wants to push and break the glass ceiling, Shrima told “Yes absolutely. I did feel there were some boxes and expectations of me about how I would conduct myself as a married woman. That’s why I created this page that is completely against the stereotypical societal thinking.”

Telling on where she draws a line between being empowered and objectified. She said “It totally depends on the way you conduct yourself. It’s all on the way you present yourself in any attire.” Adding on to the difference which comes in digital media space, she spoke “To an extent yes, the difference does exist between mainstream media celebrities and digital media creators. I think that’s because people don’t see us as celebrity.”

Explaining her transition from a banker to a content creator, she told “I always wanted to do something creative and as a child I was interested in acting, singing and writing. But I knew that I was expected to do something stable in my career, so I went ahead to get a business management degree. This was something I could fall back on but over the years of my banking job I realised that I only liked and loved it. Content creation is my passion. I am grateful to find and pursue my passion.”

Speaking on getting a blue tick on Instagram, she said “Your media presence helps you get that Instagram blue tick. I think it just gives a certain amount of legitimacy to content page and that’s why it’s so important.” Expressing on family and friends acceptance of her profession she said “Most of them have accepted but don’t fully understand my work as it’s something new age career type. I have won them over respect for my profession.” She concluded the conversation by advising the budding content creators and said “Present yourself in the most authentic way and be there to inspire rather than influence. It would be a learning journey with much confidence and good networking circles.”