Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Bengaluru floods: Wall collapses due to heavy rainfalls

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Heavy rain in Bengaluru caused a wall to fall close to the Majestic, destroying numerous four-wheelers that were parked on the road on Wednesday.

Bengaluru was pounded by nonstop rain, which caused flooding in certain areas of the city. Following the situation, India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued yellow signal.

As per IMD, Bengaluru is likely to experience mild precipitation during the next five days. The coldest temperature is 15-17 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature is between 27 and 29 degrees Celsius.

The meteorological service also predicts relative humidity of 60-89 percent in the morning and 26-48 percent around lunchtime.

Bengaluru last month went through a flood-like situation as a result of significant waterlogging brought on by nonstop, torrential rains that continued to disrupt traffic in several parts of the city.

Residents of Bengaluru continue to suffer from significant waterlogging as a result of Monday’s rainstorm, which left water on the streets and byways.

Due to the severe rainfall, several areas of the state are experiencing flooding-like conditions.

Several IT workers in India’s Silicon Valley used tractors on Monday to go to work due to significant waterlogging in Bengaluru brought on by nonstop, torrential rains.

Earlier in July, Karnataka also saw significant flooding as a result of rain, which required the execution of rescue operations and relief efforts. Additionally, Chief Minister Bommai had to ask the Center for financial support.

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