Beyhadh 2 preview February 20, 2020: MJ to ruin Maya, Rudra’s special Valentine’s Day date?

20 February, 2020 | Priyanka Sharma

Beyhadh 2 Entertainment

Beyhadh 2 preview February 20, 2020: In tonight's episode, we will see Maya and Rudra get cosy while celebrating their first Valentine's Day date. Amidst this, MJ says this valentine's day, Maya wi...

Love, Happiness and Joy has finally returned to Maya and Rudra’s lives after they managed to rescue Rajiv and bring him back to Roy mansion. In tonight’s episode, we will see how Maya and Rudra are excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day and spend some quality time with each other. Their special Valentine’s Day date will be filled with romantic moments that will bring them closer and probably commit themselves to each other as man and wife.

However, like every beautiful story is incomplete without a villain, Maya and Rudra’s love story is incomplete without MJ. How can MJ resist from thinking of an evil plan to create a mess between Maya and Rudra?! As love blossoms between Maya and Rudra, MJ says that this Valentine’s Day, Maya will not have a date with Rudra but with her past.

Would MJ manage to ruin Maya and Rudra’s special Valentine’s Day date or face defeat when faced with the power of love? To find out, watch Beyhadh 2 tonight on Sony TV at 9 pm. Beyhadh 2 is a romantic thriller television series that revolves around the lives of its central characters Maya, Rudra and MJ played by Jennifer Winget, Shivin Narang and Ashish Chaudhary.

In yesterday’s episode, we saw how Rudra managed to rescue Rajiv from goons. Maya and Rudra told their family that it was all an evil plan of a powerful businessman who got after Rajiv, after the latter turned down a business deal with him. With this, Maya also declares that Rajiv will stay with them in the Roy mansion. She also warns Deeya of consequences if anyone tries to harm her closed ones.