Beyhadh 2 spoiler: Maya to join hands with MJ against Diya

25 February, 2020 | newsx bureau

Beyhadh 2 Entertainment

Maya who wants to avenge her sufferings from MJ is likely to join hands with him as she wants Diya to suffer the way Maya herself did in the past. Here are other details of the episode:

Beyhadh 2: Sony TV’s most favorite show, Beyhadh 2 has witnessed a new twist for the audience in the upcoming episode. In the previous episode of the show, MJ was seen repeating his past mistake again but with Diya this time. Diya is seen informing MJ about her pregnancy which shocks him. Similarly, like the past, MJ manipulates her into getting the child aborted to which Diya agrees.


But the previous episodes of Beyhadh 2 have clarified that Diya is not pregnant, it is Maya’s evil plan who has created Diya’s fake pregnancy news with the help of Rajiv. Thereafter, when Diya takes a look at her sonography report, she decides to drop the abortion idea which disturbs MJ.


Further, MJ will threaten Diya and also will attempt to kill her as well to escape the responsibility of the child. In order to save herself from MJ, Diya will be seen begging Maya and Rudra. Diya will be seen apologizing to Maya for her past misdeeds.

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Watch Beyhadh 2 episode here:

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While the episodes have made us believe that Maya has finally proceeded to avenge her sufferings from MJ, Maya would rather join hands with MJ and make Diya suffer for all the wrong she has done to her till now. Meanwhile, she will warn that she will reveal MJ’s dark truth as well. But Maya also wants Diya to undergo the pain she went through when Diya was against her and she blindly supported MJ.

Maya has turned the tables in favor of her revengeful plan but what if her plan backfires on her?