Beyond all difficulties – The Story of Unmatched Success of Parikshit Shah

13 August, 2020 | Ojasvi Chauhan

Parikshit Shah Business

Parikshit Shah Digital Marketer: A living example epitomizing this positive side of a digital world is Parikshit Shah, a 26-year-old digital marketer helping brands and celebrities make a name for ...

Parikshit Shah Digital Marketer: Technology and digital media have indeed opened new horizons and ample opportunities for finding success. A living example epitomizing this positive side of a digital world is Parikshit Shah, a 26-year-old digital marketer helping brands and celebrities make a name for them using the next-gen tools of digital media.

However, Parikshit Shah’s life was not all roses. He had to overcome some serious challenges of life as well, being born with a rare brittle bone condition, osteogenesis imperfecta. However, he still did well in his SSC exams in 2009 and his teacher presented him with a laptop as a gift. This introduced him to the digital world and social media. It was the transition period from Orkut to Facebook in India and Parikshit Shah too dived into the current in 2011. The media coverage that he got in 2011 for passing the HSC exams proved to be very beneficial and he started to get an outpour of friend requests and followers on Facebook.

Soon after that Parikshit Shah started to feel the necessity of a platform for sharing his socio-political views. This led him to discover Twitter in 2013, a time when India was churning through a variety of issues. Twitter introduced Parikshit Shah to a new world of dedicated individuals who were doing amazing works in their fields. His Twitter profile (@imparixit) amassed a huge number of followers; many of which included several eminent politicians, news anchors, and journalists, businessmen, and entrepreneurs.

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Parikshit Shah’s first income from digital media came in 2012. Being an avid reader, he was always surrounded by inspiring books, authors, and book reviewers. When an opportunity to review a book came knocking on his door, he was more than obliged to say yes. He earned ₹50 for reviewing his first book. Though it may not seem much of an amount, this small earning incentivized him to submit more than 20 book reviews within a year. Apart from book reviews, he also worked on several book translation projects as well.

This period refined his writing and crowd attraction skills and led to him getting in touch with some big names in the field of social media management. As a result, Parikshit Shah started getting work on social media management as an account manager from 2015. However, he could not devote much time and effort to it because of his studies in the MA Economics Course. Even though he continued to work in the field, he treated it as a part-time side gig. This was not just because of his passion for digital media, but also as a means for fulfilling the economic requirements of himself and his family.

During this period, he got the opportunity to manage the social media account of some famous political personalities as well as Bollywood celebs and other influential people. He also got several contracts for guest column writings and ghost-writing between 2014-17. This boosted his skills and gave him the expertise required to hit a six in the field of digital media marketing.

Parikshit Shah got his long-awaited break in the final year of his post-graduation course in 2018 when he started taking social media marketing more seriously. Owing to his far-fetched connections and contacts, he found a partner from the North-eastern part of India with a similar mindset and a knack to try out the lucrative career path in digital media. Together, they formed a partnership firm in May 2018 which they named Eerlik Media.

At present times, through his digital marketing firm, Parikshit Shah is serving a diverse range of clients including big brands, start-ups, politicians, businessmen, artists, politicians, and clients from several other backgrounds. Covering all aspects of digital marketing which include social media, content creation, digital PR, website development, and much more. Parikshit is taking giant strides towards making Eerlik Media a company that offers A-to-Z digital marketing services to help businesses and individuals make the most out of the digital platforms.

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