Monday, December 4, 2023

Bhutan’s Foreign Minister Tandi Dorji Applauds India’s G20 Presidency as ‘Remarkable

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Bhutan’s Foreign Minister Tandi Dorji expressed high praise for India’s G20 Presidency, describing it as “stunning and exemplary” while highlighting India’s role as a “very strong partner” for Bhutan. In an interview with a media agency, Dorji emphasized India’s significance in representing the Global South and expressed Bhutan’s pride in its partnership with India.

He stated, “India has always been a very strong partner for Bhutan and will continue to wish India the best. And we hope that India will continue to be the voice of the Global South.” Dorji also commended India’s G20 Presidency, saying, “Absolutely stunning, as I mentioned, India’s presidency of the G20 was very, very exemplary. In that, it represented all of the global south. And for the entire year, India has always included the participation of all the countries from the Global South. And we are very, very proud to be a partner of India.”

Meanwhile, Samoa Prime Minister Fiame Naomi Mataʻafa spoke about India’s leadership and stewardship in the development process and South-South partnerships. She noted the significant leadership role India has played, especially in the current geopolitical context.

In another interview, three-time Grammy Award-Winning musician Ricky Kej praised India’s strong leadership and the recognition it has received from global leaders in the context of South-South Cooperation. He expressed pride in India’s role as a leader of the Global South, emphasizing the country’s active participation and leadership under Prime Minister Modi’s guidance.

Kej stated, “And it made me so proud to see all of these amazing leaders speaking so highly about our country, India. And under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, we’re really going from strength to strength. We are taking all of these countries along with us and moving forward because, as they say about Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, at the end of the day, it’s one planet, it’s one family, and it’s one common future for all of us. And we are taking that very, very seriously.”

The India-UN for Global South: Delivering for Development event saw the participation of External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar, UNGA President, and foreign ministers from various nations, including Bhutan and Dominica. Jaishankar acknowledged the challenges faced during India’s G20 Presidency, emphasizing the sharp divisions between East and West and North and South.

He reiterated India’s commitment to the core agenda of global growth and development during its G20 Presidency, which included convening the voice of the Global South Summit involving 125 nations from the South.

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