Biden in Hanoi: US Emphasizes Cooperation Over Containment in China Relations

11 September, 2023 | Anupam Shrivastava

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President Joe Biden emphasized that his trip's primary objective is to foster closer cooperation between US, India, and Vietnam, with the overarching goal being regional stability in the Indo-Pacific.

In a press conference held in Hanoi, US President Joe Biden articulated the United States’ stance on its relationship with China, emphasizing that their objective is not to “contain” Beijing but rather to foster China’s economic growth while ensuring its adherence to established international norms.

During the press conference, President Biden delved into the various ways in which China has been attempting to reshape the global landscape, particularly in the realm of trade. He drew attention to China’s actions, such as restricting the use of Western cellphones, as a part of this broader trend. Biden underscored that the primary focus of his trip is not containment but addressing these shifts in international dynamics.

Furthermore, the US President clarified the purpose of the Quad, a security dialogue involving India, the US, Australia, and Japan. He made it abundantly clear that the Quad is not designed to isolate China but to uphold stability within the Indo-Pacific region.

Joe Biden recounted his numerous discussions with Chinese President Xi Jinping, highlighting that the Quad’s ultimate goal is to ensure that established rules, spanning from aerospace to oceanic territories, are adhered to by all parties. He acknowledged that President Xi and China are grappling with economic challenges but expressed his desire for China’s success within the framework of international rules.

President Biden reiterated his desire for an open and constructive relationship with China, emphasizing that his aim is to establish a relationship that is transparent and adheres to mutually agreed-upon principles. He explicitly stated that the objective is not containment but rather ensuring shared values and actions.

Furthermore, President Biden highlighted the opportunity to strengthen global alliances to maintain stability. He emphasized that his trip’s primary objective is to foster closer cooperation between the United States, India, and Vietnam, with the overarching goal being regional stability in the Indo-Pacific.

The press conference took place during President Biden’s visit to Vietnam following a two-day visit to India. During this visit, he actively participated in the G20 Summit held in New Delhi and engaged in productive bilateral discussions with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with the aim of deepening bilateral cooperation.

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