Biden seeks China’s covid probe report in 90 days; Endgame for Xi’s lies?

27 May, 2021 | newsx bureau

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President Joe Biden ordered to scrutinise the Covid-19 origins report within 90 days. China declares I t should be done by WHO experts. The US demanded China to cooperate with an international prob...

China highlighted the “dark history” of the US intelligence community, as President Joe Biden ordered to scrutinise the Covid-19 origins on Wednesday as the lab-leak theory repeats. President Biden demanded US intelligence agencies to report to him within 90 days with results on whether the virus came from China through an animal source or from a laboratory mishap which will bring us to a definite conclusion. 

China denies the theory of the possibility of the virus emerging from a virology lab in Wuhan and has blamed the US for selling conspiracies and politicizing the pandemic and believes it as an attempt to distract from the high death rates in the US.

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China Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian declared that if full and transparent investigation on the Coronavirus origins is what US is seeking for, then it should be done by WHO experts and also clear the unexplained respiration illness of July, 2019. The Foreign Ministry speculated US’s own motives and purposes behind such probe.

After Biden ordered intelligence agencies who have split into over the two possible sources for the virus which shook the whole world has escalated controversy over how the virus first emerged, whether through animals at a market in Wuhan, or through an accident from a research laboratory in the same city. Chinese embassy urged that the order to investigate China regarding Coronavirus origin was ‘irresponsible behaviour’ on the United States’ part.

“The US will keep working with partners cordially around the world to force China to allow a full, transparent, evidence-based international investigation and to provide access to all relevant data and evidence,” said Biden, as he calls out China to cooperate with an international probe for the search.