Biden asserts American military would protect Taiwan in case of Chinese attack

19 September, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

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In his most direct comment to date on the subject, Vice President Joe Biden of the United States indicated that American military would defend Taiwan in the case of a Chinese invasion.

In response to a question about whether American military would defend the democratically run island that China claimed, Biden said: “Yes, if there was an unprecedented attack.” The interview was shown on CBS 60 Minutes on Sunday.

If he meant that American forces, including men and women, would protect Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion, he was asked to explain. “Yes,” Biden responded.

The interview was merely the most recent instance in which Biden seemed to deviate from long-standing declared U.S. policy on Taiwan, but his declaration that American forces would be sent to defend the island was more explicit than prior ones.

The United States has long maintained a position of “strategic ambiguity,” refusing to say outright whether it would use force to defend Taiwan.

A White House spokesman was contacted for response and stated that Taiwan’s status remained under US policy.

“The President has previously made this statement, most recently in Tokyo earlier this year. He also made it clear at the time that our policy toward Taiwan hasn’t changed. That’s still accurate “explained the spokesperson.

Biden’s reiteration of the “U.S. government’s rock-solid security commitment to Taiwan” was thanked by Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry.

Taiwan said in a statement that it would keep enhancing its capacity for self-defense and enhance its strong security collaboration with the United States.