Bigg Boss 13: After being quarantined, Devoleena Bhattacharjee says it is the 4th time in last 5 months that she cannot go out

8 May, 2020 | Priyanka Sharma

Devoleena Bhattacharjee Entertainment

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Devoleena Bhattacharjee has been asked to quarantine herself after her neighbour tested positive for coronavirus earlier this week.

Devoleena Bhattacharjee has found herself in a tough spot after her neighbour recently tested positive for coronavirus. After staying under a lockdown in Bigg Boss 13, she has now been quarantined for some more days as a precautionary measure. In a recent interview with a news portal, Devoleena said that she has had to consequently quarantine herself. This time, however, it is not going to be easy since it is the 4th time in last 5 months that she cannot step out of the confines of 4 walls.

The Bigg Boss 13 contestant said that she was earlier in Bigg Boss 13, then she had to be on a bedrest because of her back injury, then the lockdown got announced, now that she was stepping out a bit to get essentials, she has been asked to quarantine herself.

Reports were also rife that Devoleena’s cook has also tested positive for coronavirus. Slamming such reports, the actress clarified that her cook does not have coronavirus. She doesn’t know why the rumour spread like a wildfire. When asked if it will be difficult for her to manage without a cook, Devoleena said that it would not be an issue. She emphasised that during her stay in Bigg Boss 13, she did most of the cooking.

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Rashami Desai recently reacted to Devoleena being home quarantined and  assured everyone that she is alright. She has been advised to stay within the confines of her house. She added it is not going to be easy for Devoleena but her neighbours and building officials are quite helpful.