Bigg Boss 13 grand finale winner: Here’s why Asim Riaz should win

14 February, 2020 | newsx bureau

Bigg Boss 13 grand finale winner Entertainment

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Bigg Boss 13 winner, Big Boss season 13 grand finale winner name: From indulging into ugly fights to redefining friendship, Asim Riaz is among the strongest personalities whose performance graph has changed in no time. He is among those, who was the least famous at the beginning of the show and today he has a huge fan base who supports him and wants him to win Bigg Boss 13.

Before the first finale, Asim Riaz was a little introvert and entered with a tag of a Jammu boy but today he has made his own name and is among the most deserving candidates inside the house. Moreover, he is among the only contestants who had the hunger of winning the trophy since day one.

Talking about his game, from making strategies, pouring all of his efforts in tasks to redefining friendship, Asim Riaz has left no stone unturned to prove that an ordinary guy can do all extra-ordinary things. Now, since the finale of Bigg Boss 13 is approaching, one name who has conquered the hearts and is trending on social media platforms since long is Asim Riaz.

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Here are some reasons which make Asim Riaz to be the winner of Bigg Boss 13–

Strong contender– Since day one, Asim Riaz has tried head to toe to prove himself well on-screens. In every task, he has came up and has performed really hard to make his team win. Though his aggression is something, which affects his performance graph but otherwise, Asim Riaz has all the qualities of winning the show.

Great leader– From winning immunity to captaincy tasks, Asim Riaz has always been very serious in terms of performing tasks and is quite good in leading the team.

Excellent rapper– Apart from his fights and aggression, Asim Riaz is also known for rapping and was many times seen entertaining the audience with his talent. Moreover, because of his phenomenal act in BB Comedy Club, he won the task and became the first elite club member.
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Friendships with Sidharth Shukla-Rashami Desai: Though things changed after his ugly fight with Sidharth Shukla, but the fact that cannot be changed about his bro code with Sidharth. Moreover, in the ending stage of the competition, Asim Riaz was also seen sharing a great bond with Rashami Desai and taking stands for her.

Himanshi Khurrana’s factor– Apart from playing games, Asim Riaz was also seen falling for Himanshi Khurrana and even proposed her on National Television.

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Overall, it will be really exciting to see which contestant wins the show.