Bigg Boss 14: ‘Sara Gurpal is lying about being single’, says Punjabi singer Tushar Kumar raking up marriage claims

5 October, 2020 | Ojasvi Chauhan

Tushar Kumar, Sara Gurpal Bigg Boss Season 14, 2020

With just 2 days to show's premiere, Bigg Boss 14 contestant Sara Gurpal seems to be embroiled in a controversy already. While Sara claims to be single, Punjabi singer Tushar Kumar is making claims...

Frome dance sequences to the BBQ tasks, the grand premiere of Bigg Boss 14 that was telecasted 2 days back, was everything that the fans could ask for! Other than Salman Khan, what has been constant with Bigg Boss are the controversies linked to its contestants. Bigg Boss 14 contestant Sara Gurpal already seems to be embroiled in a controversy.

While Sara is inside the Bigg Boss house as a ‘rejected’ contestant by the seniors, Punjabi singer Tushar Kumar has claimed that the Bigg Boss housemate had married him in the year 2014. Alleging that Sara is lying about being single, the Punjabi singer has even produced their marriage certificate.

Some photographs including the marriage certificate of the two went viral on social media. While Tushar produced their pictures, the woman Tushar got married to, is stated as Rachna Devi in the marriage certificate. Tushar claimed to have been married on 16 August 2004 in Jalandhar, Punjab.

The pictures were uploaded on Twitter by the account ‘BiggBoss_Tak’. They can be seen here.

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Upon being asked as to why he is revealing his marital status now, he claimed to have been receiving messages on Instagram and Whatsapp from people all over the world, while Sara is still saying that she is not the one who was married to him, saying that the girl who married him merely looks like Sara. Moreover, he claimed that Sara is lying to the world that she is still single.

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