Bigg Boss narrator Vijay Vikram Singh opens up about season 14, reveals one best thing about Salman Khan’s show

22 April, 2020 | newsx bureau

Bigg Boss narrator Vijay Vikram Singh Entertainment

Bigg Boss narrator Vijay Vikram Singh recently opened up about season 14, revealed that all these are just rumours, if the auditions will begin, it will get reflected on the main website.

This won’t be wrong to say that Bigg Boss is among the most loved reality shows on Television. From its first season to the 13th, the craze and entertainment reach another level in every passing season. With interesting concepts, new contestants and their arising controversies, all these elements add in making the season a big hit and keep the audience glued up to the screens. The four-month-long show slowly becomes a part of the family along with the never-ending love.

Recently, while interacting with one of the narrators of Bigg Boss Vijay Vikram Singh, he revealed about the one thing which keeps the viewers hooked up for the show. Vijay said that it is the format of the show which is beautiful. He added that Bigg Boss is not less than a study of human psychology and behaviour. It showcases how the human mind reacts on being stressed, happy or sad. He added that one needs courage to be a part of the show and the only things which attract the audience is the popularity of the show.

He also opened up about reports of Bigg Boss 14 and their auditions and said that all these are just rumours and nothing has been confirmed yet. He added that nothing has been decided yet about season 14 and if something related to the upcoming season comes up, it will be reflected on their website.

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Further, Vijay Vikram Singh also revealed his favorite contestants until now. He said that he loved Manveer Gujjar for his way of playing the game and also Imam Siddiqui. So to all those, who were waiting for Bigg Boss 14, they will have to wait for a little longer as there are no reports for season 14.