Bigg Boss 12 Day 24 Episode 25 October 10 2018: It was a day full of surprises in the Bigg Boss 12 house as Bigg Boss in surprise midweek eviction asked Sreesanth to leave the house, who among the three celebrities nominated for this week’s eviction. However, in a twist to this development, Sreesanth has been sent to Bigg Boss outhouse where he has joined Anup Jalota.

Sreesanth and Anup Jalota will monitor what is happening in the Bigg Boss house from the secret room but it’s not sure whether they will return in the house. Meanwhile, housemates are not aware of this fact that both Anup Jalota and Sreesanth have been sent to the secret room.

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Apart from this, another exciting development which is expected will take place in tomorrow’s episode is another surprise midweek eviction between the remaining two nominated celebrity contestants Karanvir Bohra and Neha Pendse.

Among other developments in the house, Sreesanth had an argument with Somi Khan who thought that Sreesanth’s was being disrespectful towards her that made her cry. Seeing this, Saba Khan also got upset with Sreesanth. On the other side, Romil Choudhary tried Sreesanth explain about his behaviour and advised him to think about it.

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More surprises waiting in Bigg Boss house for tomorrow

After Sreesanth has been sent to Bigg Boss' outhouse where he has joined Anup Jalota, another midweek eviction is likely to take place in tomorrow's episode and anyone from the remaining two nominated contestants — Neha Pendse and Karanvir, could be evicted from Bigg Boss house.

Anup Jalota welcomes Sreesanth

In a surprise twist in the Bigg Boss house, Sreesanth has entered the secret room and has joined Anup Jalota in the outhouse.

Another twist in Bigg Boss house

Sreesanth who has been evicted from Bigg Boss house will now be staying in the outhouse along with Anup Jalota. But it's not clear whether housemates know about this.

Sreesanth evicted in midweek elimination

Sreesanth has been evicted from Bigg Boss house in surprise midweek eviction. Sreesanth, Karanvir and Neha were already nominated for this week's elimination. Meanwhile, all other housemates are in shock after hearing that Sreesanth will have to leave the show.

Most of the housemates have taken Neha Pendse's name for midweek elimination. It is yet to see whether Bigg Boss finally put the stamp on Neha's name.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss has asked all the housemates to share their opinion on the nominated contestants.

Midweek eviction likely to take place

Will anyone from Sreesanth, Karanvir Bohra and Neha Pendse be evicted in Bigg Boss' surprise midweek eviction.

Romil Choudhary is trying to explain and make Sreesanth understand about his behaviour towards Somi Khan. Meanwhile, Surbhi Rana is has once again started her comment passing game.

Argument erupts between Sreesanth and Somi Khan

Sreesanth and Somi Khan have entered into an argument and all is not well between the two. Meanwhile, Saba Khan is also not happy with Sreesanth, who Somi believes has behaved in a disrespectful way.

Shivashish Mishra and Jasleen Matharu are having a conversation about Surbhi Rana. Meanwhile, housemates wake up to the song Tera Naam Japdi Phiran

Meanwhile, in the captaincy task, Neha Pendse is asking Karanvir Bohra about some explanation. Watching this, Saba Khan is asking Karanvir who is Neha Pendse — a friend or a competitor.

Jasleen Matharu and Surbhi Rana feel that sometimes Sreesanth's behaviour towards Deepak Thakur is demeaning sometimes.

As the fight for captaincy titles is underway in the Bigg Boss house, the final competition is now left between Khan sisters (Somi or Saba) and Srishty.

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