Bigg Boss 12 Day 38 Episode 39 October 24 2018 LIVE written updates: As expected, a massive fight between Deepak Thakur and Urvashi erupted over the captaincy issue that took attention of all the housemates. Deepak Thakur was trying to make Urvashi explain that she needed to be part of a strategy so that their way to become the next house captains gets clear. The two also discussed past issues because of which both have got hurt. However, the argument did not end and it turned into a big fight. Later, Urvashi cutey apologised to Deepak.

Meanwhile, housemates kept themselves busy in the task Bigg Boss Ka Poultry Farm where contestants have to identify eggs and burst the statues of other contestants to emit out their anger or frustrations. Amid the task, several arguments took shape which resulted into spoiling relationship between particular housemates. Surbhi Rana during the task felt that Deepak was not playing the game for himself and later went to him and conveyed him. 

Karanvir Bohra who kept looking for eggs failed to find any and became the subject of fun for other housemates. He kept struggling for eggs during Bigg Boss Ka Poultry Farm task. Following Deepak and Urvashi’s fight, Karanvir and Romil Choudhury also entered into some argument. 

Surbhi Rana who advised Deepak that he should play the game for himself later found Urvashi’s egg following which she destroyed her statue. Overall, it was a fun episode with some relations getting spoiled while some getting evolved. Popular Bigg Boss contestants including Sreesanth, Jasleen, Dipika, Anup Jalota did not create any big issue which could have entertained and added more excitement to the show. 

Bigg Boss season 12 has completed it’s one month and is slowly gaining popularity and surging in TRP charts. Like its previous trends, Bigg Boss is known for bringing mid-weeks surprises to add more excitement to show, and since a lot of days are left before this season comes to closure, let’s wait what more surprises are in store.


Surbhi Rana, Deepak Thakur, KV Bohra, Romil Choudhary and Rohit Suchanti takes a group hug after the task. However, Karanvir Bohra was the only contestant who did not get anybody's egg because of which he couldn't crush anybody's statue.

Srishty, Sreesanth and Urvashi won't be participating in the household work after Deepak Thakur becoming the captain of the house.

Several arguments erupt between housemates during the task. Surbhi Rana wants Deepak to be the captain of the house and crushes Urvashi's statue.

Meanwhile, Surbhi Rana is suggesting Deepak Thakur that he should play the game for himself.

Deepak and Urvashi are back as friends

After a massive fight when Urvashi went mad over Deepak, she later apologised in a very cute way to him

Deepak and Saba Khan are discussing that which contestant's statue will they crush. Meanwhile, Deepak and Urvashi are still thinking about their fight.

Karanvir Bohra and Romil Choudhary have also entered into an argument over Deepak and Urvashi's fight who locked horns while discussing the captaincy issue.

A massive fight has erupted between Urvashi and Deepak on the captaincy issue when Urvashi said that she is not begging for it.

Deepak, Urvashi are talking about captaincy

Deepak Thakur and Urvashi are talking about captaincy where Deepak is advising Urvashi to strategise a plan for the captaincy when both enter into an argument.

Surbhi Rana feels that Dipika is stunned after Megha entered the house as she is not even involving herself in the kitchen.

Romil Choudhary says Deepak should give himself a chance to become the captain

Romil Choudhary is of the view that Deepak Thakur should give himself a chance to become the captain of the house.

Housemates wake up to the song Bachke rehna re baba

The housemates wake up to the song Bachke rehna re baba! Meanwhile, housemates are occupied with a number of issues.

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