Bigg Boss 12 Day 38 Episode 39 October 24 2018 preview: Housemates will once again continue the poultry farm task where a fight on Tuesday between Surbhi and Dipika ended up with their disqualification, however, both were later brought back into the task by the Bigg Boss. Meanwhile, another drama is awaiting the Bigg Boss house as Deepak and Urvashi are ready to lock horns over the captaincy. In the previews of today’s episode, Urvashi and Deepak are seen discussing about the captaincy and enter into some argument. 

If both Urvashi and Deepak will be made the captain of the house then it will give them immunity from getting nominated. Meanwhile, apart from the captaincy issues, Bigg Boss house is getting heated up after the induction of two wildcard entries Rohit and Megha. Housemates are taking Megha as a strong contestant in comparison to Rohit since she has just won Bigg Boss Marathi. 

In the previous episode, after being targeted by Surbhi Rana, Srishty went against Sreesanth and burst out him for his rude behaviour. Srishty was witnessed in tears after Sreesanth had misbehaved with her. The Bigg Boss house is getting exciting day by day as old bonds between the contestants are breaking and new ones are forming. 

Talking about this week’s nomination, then Anup Jalota, Surbhi Rana, Sreesanth and Saba Khan will be testing their popularity and fans support as one of them will have to say goodbye to the Bigg Boss house. Speaking about the existing contestants, then Jasleen Matharu, Dipika, Karanvir, Srishty, Sreesanth and Megha are presently being seen as the strongest contestants who are expected that will survive for several weeks to come. Bigg Boss is one of India’s most popular reality TV show which has entered its 12th season this year and excitement in this season is only going to rise as Bigg Boss may come up with other surprises both for the audience and the contestants.

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