Bigg Boss 12 Day 39 Episode 40 October 24 2018 LIVE written updates: As expected, housemates ganged-up against Megha Dhade, Somi Khan during the captaincy task to pull them out. However, even after repeated torture by the housemates especially by Sreesanth, who for a change was seen very active during the task, Megha Dhade did not give up and survive it. She was made to swallow some very unrealistic drinks made from the combination of green chillies, red chillies, eggs, bananas and other eatables. 

Housemates also targeted Somi Khan who had got the chance to compete in the captaincy task after Saba Khan had got the opportunity but since she has been banned from becoming the captain in the entire season, gave this opportunity to her sister Somi. After accepting several challenges, Somi finally gave up, leaving the task between Megha and Deepak.  

In the preview of tomorrow’s episode, it can be guessed that Megha, who has just entered the show as a wildcard contestant, will not leave it easy for Deepak to win the captaincy task. During today’s task, Megha was a stunner performer as she took up every challenge and survived through it. Meanwhile, Sreesanth, Dipika and Srishty were also talking about Megha that Bigg Boss has sent a tough competitor in the house.

During the task, Surbhi Rana once again burst out at Sreesanth and termed him for being cruel for the captaincy contenders for being extra-competitive. She went mad on him and also on Jasleen when she (Jasleen) was having some argument with Romil Choudhary. 

Once again in today’s episode, one of the most popular celebrity contestant Karanvir Bohra, remained low as he was upset over his performance and other housemates attitude towards him during the luxury budget task. Karanvir was upset because of Sreesanth and Deepak, on whom he looks up for support, but neither of them came to support him during the task.


Argument erupts between Deepak and Megha

As the housemates continue to target Megha Dhade, Deepak comes in between argues with Megha over some item which other contestants have got for her. Megha couldn't take this and enters into a brawl with Deepak.

Somi Khan gives up in the captaincy task

Somi Khan who tried her best to survive in the captaincy task finally gives up. Now only Megha and Deepak will compete for the captaincy.

Srishty brings another challenge for Somi Khan. She consumes it but feels very uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Saba Khan is saying that housemates are having cruelly in the task.

Saba talks with Megha and appreciates her fighting spirit

Saba Khan is complementing Megha Dhade after seeing her fighting spirit in the captaincy task. Meanwhile, Karanvir and Dipika are talking about Sreesanth, Shivashish and other housemates.

Megha Dhade is in no mood to give up in the captaincy task even after facing constant attacks from the housemates who are trying their best to pull Megha out of the captaincy task.

Megha remains constant target of the housemates

Housemates constantly target Megha Dhade the most to get her out of the captaincy task. But Megha is fighting like a storm and seems in no mood to quit the task.

Srishty brings green chilies for Deepak

Targeting Deepak in the captaincy task, Srishty has got him green chilies to eat. Deepak accepts the challenge and consumes them.

Housemates have started targeting Megha Dhade

Housemates have started targeting Megha Dhade in the captaincy task. Meanwhile, Dipika and Srishty are discussing with Sreesanth that he is in a habit of changing his sides and doesn't take his supporters into confidence. So how can one trust him.

Sreesanth and Surbhi Rana indulge in massive fight

Surbhi Rana has once again lost her cool and is hitting out at Sreesanth. Surbhi feels that Sreesanth is getting aggressive in the captaincy task and is preparing things which are difficult to consume.

Captaincy task begins

Housemates have to prepare anything which they can from the things they have been provided by the Bigg Boss. They will take the stuff to the captaincy contenders which they have to consume it if they have to compete in the task.

Deepak, Somi and Megha to compete for captaincy

Bigg Boss has decided that Deepak, Somi and Megha will compete for the captaincy task.

Karanvir Bohra is upset as neither Dipika or Sreesanth came to support him during the luxury budget task.

Dipika, Romil reach up to Karanvir

Dipika, Romil are having a conversation with Karanvir and making him understand what went wrong during the captaincy task.

Karanvir is upset

Karanvir is upset as no other housemates came to support him during the luxury budget task.

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