Bigg Boss 12 Day 47 Episode 48 November 2 2018 LIVE written updates: The day started with housemates discussing little issues which they are facing among themselves and having small disputes. Contestants brought complaints of other housemates to the captain Sreesanth and told him that some people in the house are not following rules and not utilising resources properly. Meanwhile, a small but loud dispute between Srishty and Jasleen took place over a washroom issue. Srishty said that Jasleen was not keeping the washroom clean while Jasleen hit back at her saying that if she had some OCD and then it was not her problem. Both indulged in a massive war of words.

Apart from this, another argument between Dipika and Sreesanth took place when she asking him why did not he raise the issue when housemates were taking name of other contestants for the kaal kothri punishment. Dipika asked Sreesanth that he did not intervene when the final decision was in his hands. Karanvir pitched in to support Dipika. 

Among other issues which took housemates attention was a make-up competition between Srishty, Jasleen and Somi where all three have to impress Rohit one by one. The winner of the task would have got a gift hamper. All the three contestants got 3 chances and in the end, Srishty won the competition. Rohit and Srishty danced on romantic song Nazm Nazm while Karanvir and Megha who were in the kaal kothri also enjoyed the task and moved some steps on the song.

During a conversation between Srishty and Dipika, the former asked whether Sreesanth is a person who gets easily manipulated, to which Dipika said yes. However, both agreed that Sreesanth was one of the strongest contestants in the house. In tomorrow’s episode, housemates will get a big surprise at Hina Khan will be entering the show to reveal what the audience is thinking about each contestant. 


Hina Khan to enter Bigg Boss 12

Hina Khan will enter the Bigg Boss house and will brings audience reaction, review and allegations on each contestant. She will talk about how each contestant is being projected outside and what needs to be changed.

Srishty is emotional

Srishty is feeling emotional over some recent things happened in the house. Meanwhile, Karanvir Bohra is trying to console her and saying that everything looks normal over her conduct in the show but if there's some clarification needed outside then he will support her.

Karanvir, Megha and Rohit kaal kothri punishment ends

Bigg Boss announced that Karanvir, Rohit and Megha's kaal kothri punishment has finally got over. Meanwhile, Srishty is upset that a wrong message is going out in terms of her and Rohit's friendship in the house.

Srishty and Rohit dance together

After winning the make-up challenge, Srishty and Rohit dance together. Both dance on Nazm Nazm song while other housemates watch them and enjoy the task. Meanwhile, Karanvir Bohra and Megha Dhade also enjoyed the task from inside the kaal kothri.

Srishty wins the make-up round

Srishty, Jasleen and Somi take chance one by one and tries to impress Rohit. They get three chance one by one but at the end, Rohit rate their performance and takes Srishty's name as the best performer.

Dipika explains housemates about the new task

Srishty, Somi and Jasleen have to impress Rohit one by one in the task. Rohit will judge and select one of the three contestants as the winner of the task.

Dipika and Srishty talk about Sreesanth

Dipika and Srishty talk about Sreesanth and share that he is the strongest contestant of the house but he is also the one who gets easily manipulated. Although both accept that Sreesanth is a strong contestant among all.

Srishty and Jasleen fight over bathroom issue

Srishty and Jasleen have entered into a massive argument over the usage of the washroom. Jasleen is made over Srishty who is telling her that Jasleen does not know to use the bathroom and is not keeping it clean.

Sreesanth and Dipika enter into argument

Sreesanth, Dipika and Karanvir enter into an argument over the names he accepted who will be sent to kaal kothri punishment. Dipika is mad over Sreesanth over the way he talks with her while Karanvir tries to support Dipika.

Massive fight between Megha and Surbhi

Housemates discuss contestants who will be sent to kaal kothri punishment. Meanwhile, discussing the names, there is a massive fight which has erupted between Megha and Surbhi. A massive war of words is underway. 

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