Bigg Boss 12 Day 50 Episode 51 November 5 2018 written updates: Shivashish created some panic moments in the Bigg Boss when he tried to escape and climbed the wall. All the housemates ran up to him and tried to advise him not to take the extreme step and get back. But Shivashish was adamant on his decision and was not bowing down. In order to bring him back, Karanvir also climbed the wall and brought him down. Some housemates were pretty annoyed with this behaviour of Shivashish while some said that he was just trying to create some scene.

Before taking this extreme step, Shivashish was having a conversation with Jasleen Matharu and sharing with her that he was not feeling good in the house and wanted to meet a psychiatrist. Jasleen told her that he was looking lost. Following a little with Jasleen, Shivashish climbed the wall when he was stopped by Karanvir. Later Karanvir, Sreesanth and Surbhi Rana tried to console him and made him understand that his decision to leave Bigg Boss was wrong. 

Among other events in the house which took place, Bigg Boss gave captain of the house Sreesanth the right to take up to 7 names among the contestants for this week’s nominations. Sreesanth after a little planning first took Deepak’s name and then taken Surbhi Rana’s name. Following this, Surbhi Rana becomes extremely upset with Sreesanth and accused him of being a backstabber. 

Meanwhile, Jasleen Matharu conveyed it to Shivashish that he was her only friend who was now left in the house and asked her not to annoy her. Shivashish meanwhile backed Sreesanth in the nomination round. Towards the end of the show, Dipika and Somi Khan were having some conversation of how to deal with this week’s nomination and dominate in the game. While taking Surbhi’s name, Sreesanth said that she was a strong contestant.


Dipika and Somi are planning some strategy

Dipika and Somi Khan are planning some strategy to continue their dominance in the game after Sreesanth nominates members of the happy club for this week's elimination

Shivashish breaks Somi Khan's scarecrow following which a war of words has begun between Shivashish and Somi. Meanwhile, Dipika seems to be very happy with the nominations task.

Amid the scarecrow task, Srishty believes that she should break Romil scarecrow as there is no interaction taking place between them. Meanwhile, Megha Dhade breaks Deepak Thakur's scarecrow.

Dipika and Surbhi Rana are strategising for the nominations meanwhile Shivashish supports Sreesanth after he nominated Deepak Thakur and Surbhi Rana.

After getting nominated by Sreesanth, Surbhi Rana feels that she has been backstabbed by him. Meanwhile, Romil Choudhary is also annoyed from nominations.

Nomination round for this week starts

Being the captain of the house, Sreesanth has the right to nominate 7 contestants. In first go, he takes the name of Deepak Thakur, Surbhi Rana whom he also considers as a strong contestant.

Jasleen Matharu tries to motivate Shivashish Mishra

Being stopped from taking the extreme step of running from the Bigg Boss house, Jasleen is trying to boast Shivashish confidence to play the game with spirit.

Sreesanth is thinking on how to work on his strategies while Megha Dhade believes that she is stuck among a group of some weird people.

Dipika believes that Deepak Thakur tries to react on every matter where she was also supported by Rohit Suchanti. On the other side, Surbhi Rana, Shivashish, Karanvir are trying to make Shivashish understand that escaping the house is a wrong step.

Shivashish is a strong man, believes Surbhi Rana

Surbhi Rana is of the view that Shivashish is a strong man and shouldn't take such kind of a step. Meanwhile, after getting down, Shivashish get into an argument with Deepak Thakur.

Meanwhile, housemates think that Shivashish is just trying to create a scene by climbing the wall of the house. Karanvir Bohra tries to convince him and brings him down.

Shivashish is trying to escape from Bigg Boss house

Thinking of meeting a psychiatrist, Shivashish tries to escape from the Bigg Boss house and has climbed the wall. Meanwhile, all the other housemates are trying to convince him and not to take any extreme step.

Shivashish is not feeling got in the Bigg Boss house

Shivashish is not feeling good in the Bigg Boss house and is discussing the same matter with Jasleen. Meanwhile, Jasleen says that Shivashish is appearing as if he's lost.

Jasleen Matharu and Shivashish Mishra discuss something personal

Some secret conversation is going on between Shivashish Mishra and Jasleen Matharu. Jasleen says that Shivashish is annoying her for no reason and he is the only friend of her who is left in the house.

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