Bigg Boss 12 Day 61 Episode 62 November 16 2018 LIVE written updates: Following his unruly conduct in the Bigg Boss house, Shivashish may be evicted from the house in this week’s weekend ka vaar. Bigg Boss also nominated all the contestants for next week’s elimination after they did not obey to the house captain. Changes were expected in the house after Romil Choudhary became the captain. Romil was the part of the happy club which had Surbhi Rana, Deepak Thakur among the other members, had split during the captaincy task after a massive fight between Surbhi Rana and Deepak Thakur, but since the task was over, chances of the happy club getting united again is being expected.

Meanwhile, Sreesanth and Dipika who yesterday had a conversation where both tried to solve their issues and misunderstandings may enter another argument. Sreesanth might get upset with Dipika over her remark that Sreesanth was fake. She said this to Sreesanth when he had termed Srishty as fake while having a conversation with Dipika over it yesterday. 

Meanwhile in other issues, after the captaincy task in which Shivashish gave up and understood nature of every housemate which led to the winning of Romil Choudhary is ought to plan other strategies to come back in the limelight. The Bigg Boss witnessed a lot of drama during the captaincy task on Thursday when housemates fought over TV remote to watch Romil and Shivashish who were competing for the captaincy. The fight between the housemates turned ugly and ultimately led to the cancellation of the captaincy task. 

However, moments later, Bigg Boss gave another chance to the housemates to judge the captaincy contenders in another task in which Romil Choudhary became the winner.

Live Updates

Shivashish to leave Bigg Boss house

In the preview of Bigg Boss's weekend ka vaar, Salman Khan may announce the most unfortunate news to Shivashish which could be his eviction from the Bigg Boss house.

Anup Jalota to appear in weekend ka vaar

Anup Jalota will be appearing in the weekend ka vaar and clarify on his earlier statements where he had said that he and Jasleen were not dating. His statement had come as a blow for Jasleen.

Shivashish breaks down

Shivashish is having a conversation with Sreesanth about housemates getting mad on him after Bigg Boss nominated all the contestants in the house for next week's elimination. Shivashish is further planning his game from here.

Dipika and Sreesanth fight

Sreesanth and Dipika indulged into an argument but later had a conversation and tried to sort out issues. Both discussed their issues with each other and tried to sort out the matter.

Housemates burst out at Shivashish

After Bigg Boss nominated all the housemates for next week's elimination because Shivashish did not behaved in the house and argued on wrong issues and also did not listen to the captain, all the contestants are mad at him

Surbhi Rana is massively angry

Surbhi Rana is massively angry and is fighting with every housemate. Meanwhile, other housemates are also not listening to the captain, which is creating even more trouble in the house.

Surbhi Rana breaksdown

After a heated argument with Romil Choudhary, Surbhi Rana lost his cool and started crying. She went in the garden area and said that she is an Indian woman who abuses. She was reacting on captain's allegation who gave her kaal kothri punishment because she had abused.

Romil Choudhary allots work to housemates

Romil Choudhary is allotting work to housemates but contestants are not listening to him which has started another argument between them. Megha is upset with the captain as she has been given kaal-kothri punishment.

Romil Choudhary asks Shivashish for kaal kothri punishment

A massive argument took place between the housemates after Shivashish did not listen to captain Romil Choudhary's order. Upset with this Bigg Boss has nominated all the housemates for this week's elimination.

Rohit says sorry to Srishty

Rohit approaches Srishty and writes sorry with a nail paint on a tissue paper and keeps it under the pillow on Srishty's bed. Later, Srishty and Rohit clarified the matter.

Housemates set to get a big surprise

Housemates will get a big surprise as Bigg Boss is expected to give them a huge blow. Bigg Boss might nominate all the housemates and it would be interesting to see their reaction after this.

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