Bigg Boss 12 Day 62 Episode 63 Weekend Ka Vaar written updates: Today’s episode of Bigg Boss 12 is going to be full of shocks and will bring unexpected developments for the contestants. Since its Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan will grill all the contestants over their week’s conduct and question them over several fights, arguments which took place throughout the week. In today’s weekend ka vaar, Salman Khan once again introduced Anup Jalota to the show as Jasleen wanted answers from him over his statements that they were not dating. 

In a blow to the Shivashish, the Bigg Boss decided to eliminate from the show over his unruly and misconduct in the house and behaviour towards other contestants which went against the rules and guidelines of the Bigg Boss house. Salman Khan revealed it to Karanvir that his wife in an open letter has raised objections and questions on why every week his husband is being targeted following which Salman Khan said to Karanvir that he will not interact to him anymore. 

Listening to this, Karanvir apologised to Salman Khan on behalf of his wife. Meanwhile, talking about Jasleen and Anup Jalota, Salman Khan raised questions and asked them to clear the matter. 

Grilling Shivashish over his behaviour in the house, Salman Khan said that he did not respect the show and was trying to walk on the path of Sreesanth. Earlier on Friday, Bigg Boss had nominated all the contestants for not following the rules of the house when Romil Choudhary was assigning each housemate their weekly work.

Following Shivashish’s eviction, all the housemates especially Sreesanth got extremely emotional when Shivashish was leaving the house. Salman Khan had asked Shivashish when he was talking about his behaviour in the house whether he was trying to walk on the path taken by Sreesanth. 

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Sreesanth and other housemates feel sad over Shivashish's elimination

Sreesanth along with other housemates are feeling sad about Shivashish leaving from the house. Meanwhile Bigg Boss explains it to the contestants how important is for them to follow the rules of the house. 

Shivashish eliminated from Bigg Boss house

Shivashish has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss house following his unruly behaviour in the show. Salman Khan has said that he was upset from his nature and behaviour.

Salman Khan grills Shivashish

Salman Khan grills Shivashish over his week's conduct and his unruly behaviour in the house and is countering him over the way he had behaved by not respecting the show.

Jasleen Matharu is very excited and happy after seeing Anup Jalota in the show. Meanwhile, Salman Khan says he is very upset with the housemates over the BB TRP task and witnessing contestants unruly behaviour. Karanvir explains to him what actually happened.

Megha said that happy club had supported Romil Choudhary, therefore, it was the reason why they did not get the kaal kothri punishment. Salman Khan is also amazed at Jasleen and Srishty's indecisive nature in the house.

Meanwhile, Romil Choudhary talks about the nominated constants including Deepak, Dipika and others. Salman Khan also indulges in some fun with Sreesanth and Dipika over their conduct in the house.

Karanvir responds to Salman Khan

Karanvir responds to Salman Khan and apologised to him and said that he is guilty about her wife sending a letter. After reading the letter, Salman Khan had said that he will not interact with him.

Salman Khan informs Karanvir about his wife's letter

Salman Khan has informed Karanvir that his wife in a letter has said that he (Salman Khan) humiliate Karanvir Bohra every week in Weekend Ka Vaar.

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