Bigg Boss 12 Day 69 Episode 70 November 24 2018 Weekend Ka Vaar written updates: Once again the show host Salman Khan grilled the housemates over their week’s conduct. Salman Khan started off with a compliment for Karanvir Bohra and said that he showed energy in this week. Following this, he questioned Romil Choudhary over his conduct in the house first as a captain in the initial days and then touched upon Megha Dhade’s behaviour in the house. Salman Khan issued advisories to both Deepak Thakur and Megha Dhade about their behaviour in the house and said that both needed to react in a calm manner and think before speaking. 

In a fight which had taken place between Megha Dhade and Deepak Thakur, Megha Dhade had lost her cool and made use of inappropriate words for Deepak Thakur. She also hurled a shoe at Deepak Thakur during the argument. Following her behaviour, Megha Dhade was immediately nominated for this week’s elimination directly by the Bigg Boss.

Salman Khan also talked about problems between Karanvir and Dipika. Salman Khan asked both of them what were the reasons behind a cold bond between them. Replying to Salman Khan, Karanvir Bohra said that he feels Dipika was not bringing her emotions out while Dipika said that she did not trust Karanvir and that’s why she did not take his name for the safe zone. 

Karanvir and Dipika had on earlier occasions in the house supported each other during various tasks but couldn’t formulate a bond which is worth a friendship in the Bigg Boss house. Meanwhile, Surbhi Rana also spoke about Dipika Kakkar and said that her strategies and temperament in the house was changing in parallel to Sreesanth’s behaviour in the house.

Moreover, for her rude and misbehaviour, Megha Dhade was sent to the torture room where she was tortured with a stream of form. 


Listening to Megha Dhade's remark on her, Jasleen Matharu got emotional. She was initially questioned by Salman Khan who was talking about Anup Jalota. Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu had made the entry in the Bigg Boss house together as a couple.

Following her punishment in the torture room, Megha Dhade hit out at Jasleen Matharu, Megha Dhade said that Jasleen does not run her brain and is a brainless beauty.

Megha Dhade sent to torture room

Megha Dhade has been sent to the torture room and is being attacked with a stream of form. She has been given this punishment over her misbehaviour in the house.

Speaking about the Saap task, Salman Khan said that red team won the task because of Karanvir Bohra. He mocked the blue team people and told them neighter they had the will or want to win the task.

Salman Khan has also advised Megha Dhade about her behaviour in the house. In yesterday's episode, Megha Dhade during a fight with Deepak Thakur had called him by bad names and also hurled a shoe on her.

Speaking about Megha Dhade, Salman Khan has to say that she is not being able to place herself in the house. Even other contestants in the house have also felt that Megha is not able to make an impact in the house.

Salman Khan is now talking to Deepak Thakur and asks him about his behaviour in the house in the past week. Salman Khan advised Deepak Thakur not to provoke other contestants in the house.

Surbhi Rana also pitches in and speaks about Dipika Kakkar. She says that Dipika keeps on changing her preferences according to the reaction and behaviour of Sreesanth.

Meanwhile, Dipika Kakkar said that she did not have trust on Karanvir Bohra and that was the reason she did not take his name for the safe zone. Listening to Dipika's comment, Karanvir says that he feels Dipika does not share what's going on in her mind.

Karanvir Bohra feels that he is not getting the support from Dipika Kakkar from a very long time which is stopping both the contestants to gel with each other. There have been occasions when both the contestants have supported each other during various tasks.

Salman compliments Karanvir

Salman Khan complimented Karanvir and said that this week, he showed a positive energy in the house and has entertained the audience in comparison to his earlier performance.

Salman Khan talks about Karanvir and Dipika

Talking about the impending issues between Dipika and Karanvir, Salman Khan put the issues of both the contestants in the public domain and asked them what were the reasons that the two contestants were not able to gel.

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