Bigg Boss 12 Day 72 Episode 73 November 27 2018 written updates: The housemates woke up to the song of Desi Girl and were soon introduced to a new task which was Bigg Boss ke khar ki panchayat. Amid the task, Surbhi Rana was encountered with questions after questions on his behaviour in the game. Several people in the Bigg Boss house called her a fake personality including Romil Choudhary, who so far in the game has shared a friendly relation with her. Following the luxury budget task, Surbhi Rana and Romil Choudhary had a massive fight during which she questioned his character. Surbhi Rana alleged that Romil Choudhary was looking at her in some weird way. 

Listening to this, Romil Choudhary felt extremely bad and got emotional after Surbhi Rana levelled allegations against him. Dipika Kakkar and Somi Khan tried to console Romil Choudhary and told Surbhi Rana that her allegation against Romil Choudhary was absolutely wrong. Dipika Kakkar and Somi Khan while supporting Romil Choudhary said that they know whose character is what in this house and it was wrong on her part to accuse him with these allegations. 

Meanwhile, among other issues in the house, Romil Choudhary said that Somi Khan was a weak contestant listening to which Dipika said that it meant differently if you say that she is weak and if you put out your own opinion. All this took place during the Bigg Boss house panchayat luxury budget task. 

Following the boycott of her allegations against Romil Choudhary by almost all the housemates, Surbhi Rana went mad and said even Dipika Kakkar was fake. However, after a while, realising her mistake, Surbhi Rana apologised to Romil Choudhary. 

Dipika Kakkar meanwhile asked Sreesanth to play the current luxury budget task with ease and suggested her to keep calm. Jasleen had said that Sreesanth was an arrogant person and it was after that Dipika Kakkar suggested him. 


Surbhi Rana apologises to Romil Choudhary

Surbhi Rana apologises to Romil Choudhary after her rude behaviour where she had said that Romil Choudhary was looking at her in a weird way and raised a question on his character.

Somi Khan who went mad on Surbhi Rana says her (Surbhi) allegation against Romil Choudhary was absolutely wrong. Even other housemates feel that she shouldn't have said that.

Somi Khan tries to console Romil Choudhary who got emotional after Surbhi Rana raised questions on his character. Meanwhile, after a small fight, Rohit Suchanti apologises to Jasleen Matharu.

Deepak Thakur also raises questions on Megha Dhade's conduct and called her an ill-mannered person. Meanwhile, Dipika feels that Rohit has a habit of poking nose in every issue, therefore, he is ill-mannered.

Surbhi Rana also targets Dipika Kakkar and calls her a fake too. Meanwhile, the focus has shifted towards Rohit Suchanti as Dipika raises questions on his conduct. Dipika says Rohit does have manners in which she got the support of Somi Khan as well.

Deepak Thakur loses his cool during the Bigg Boss Panchayat task and calls Romil Choudhary a dogla (person with dual nature). However, at the end, Deepak Thakur won the case against Romil Choudhary.

During the Bigg Boss Panchayat task, Dipika says that there is a difference between putting one's own opinion and saying that a particular contestant week. Her remark came after Romil Choudhary said Somi Khan is a week contestant.

After Surbhi Rana's accusations, Romil Choudhary became emotional in the house and started crying. He was upset that Surbhi Rana who used to call him as her brother was levelling such allegations.

Surbhi Rana after she was targeted in the Bigg Boss Panchayat task lambasted on Romil Choudhary and raised questions on his character. She said that Romil Choudhary was watching her in some weird way.

Speaking in retaliation, Surbhi Rana opened up about Sreesanth and said that even he indulges in speaking against Dipika Kakkar behind her back. Meanwhile, Romil Choudhary, KV Bohra and Rohit Suchanti get into a heated argument in the Bigg Boss Panchayat task.

Dipika Kakkar alleges that Surbhi Rana can't accept her defeat and gets aggressive. Romil Choudhary also said that Surbhi Rana was even fake in carrying brother-sister relation with him.

Dipika says Surbhi Rana is fake

Dipika Kakkar in the BB Panchayat luxury budget task alleged that Surbhi Rana is a fake person. Romil Choudhary also supported Dipika and accused said that Surbhi Rana is fake. 

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