Bigg Boss 12 Day 79 Episode 80 December 4 2018 written updates: With each passing week, the atmosphere in Bigg Boss house is getting more intense and it was yet another day when issues took the centre stage in the house. According to a leaked video, Sreesanth and Rohit Suchanti are expected to enter a massive fight that will test Sreesanth’s patience. The fight may happen during the school bus task where Sreesanth according to the video is seen slapping Rohit Suchanti, crossing all the guidelines and limits of the Bigg Boss house. 

In the promo teaser of today’s episode, Rohit Suchanti is seen provoking Sreesanth ahead of the school bus task, trying to test his patience. Initially, Sreesanth does not appear aggressive but after being continuously provoked by Rohit Suchanti, Sreesanth walked up to Rohit following which the fight got more intensive. Meanwhile, Romil Choudhary and Karanvir Bohra tried to control Sreesanth but he did not back off. 

The provocation from Rohit Suchanti’s side continued to provoke Sreesanth which forced him to take the extreme step. Meanwhile, during the BB school bus task, Dipika Kakkar was also feeling annoyed with the behaviour of Deepak Thakur and Surbhi Rana. She also broke down during the task when Sreesanth tried to console her.

Earlier in this week’s Weekend Ka Vaar, Sreesanth got slammed by show host Salman Khan over his conduct in the house and his attitude towards Surbhi Rana. Giving his reaction to Salman Khan’s bashing, Sreesanth walked out of the room and said that he was done with the show. Reports say that Sreesanth might approach Salman Khan to quit the show since he is not able to bear the pressure and torture in the Bigg Boss house.   


Rohit Suchanti is taking off a fight with Sreesanth and has started irritating him. After a verbal spat between the two, Rohit Suchanti is just not stopping himself and trying to get Sreesanth's nerves.

Housemates feel that instead of Romil Choudhary, it's Deepak Thakur who has a dual nature in the house. Meanwhile, an argument has erupted between Romil Choudhary and Somi Khan. At the same time, Jasleen Matharu is struggling to get on to the school bus.

Dipika breaks down during the captaincy task

Dipika Kakkar breaks down during the Bigg Boss 12 captaincy task which is called BB School Bus task. Soon after the task was started, an argument erupted between Karanvir, Sreesanth and Dipika Kakkar where Karanvir rejected all allegations by Sreesanth and Dipika on him.

Romil Choudhary has been made the coordinator of the BB School Bus task. Meanwhile, housemates are once again not happy with Sreesanth's behaviour. A minor scuffle has erupted between Sreesanth, Karanvir and Rohit Suchanti.

Moments before the BB school bus task is about to start, a minor scuffle between Sreesanth and Rohit Suchanti has already started. Meanwhile, Dipika Kakkar has also got pissed off on Sreesanth, Deepak Thakur and other housemates.

Captaincy task School Bus all set to begin

An intense competition between the housemates is all set to begin in this week's captaincy task which is titled BB School Bus task. Get prepared for the captaincy task, housemates have started planning out strategies.

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