Bigg Boss 12 Day 81 Episode 82 December 6 2018 written updates: Housemates on Thursday faced a host of new arguments, bashing from Bigg Boss who said that the format of the game show is a test of one’s mental strength more than the physical and it was now time that all the contestants should get their acts together before it gets too late. Meanwhile, soon after Bigg Boss’ advice to the housemates, a range of new discussions began in the house and more than that contestants yet again started targeting each other for the mess they have created. 

Surbhi Rana targeted and alleged that all the contestants in the Bigg Boss house have double standards while Karanvir said that he maintains distance from those who have such intentions. Karanvir also hit out at Surbhi Rana and questioned her behaviour in the house in some previous tasks. Meanwhile, speaking about his attitude in the house, Sreesanth justified his frustration in the house. 

Among other issues which occupied housemates to be at logger-heads with each other, Megha Dhade felt that  Rohit Suchanti did not have those qualities which will make him a good captain of the house and shared that she did not want that a person like him should lead the house. So she prefered that instead of Rohit Suchanti, Surbhi Rana should become the captain of the house. 

Jasleen Matharu, who remained active in the initial days of the game, is not generating many controversies these days felt that she gets more gelled up with Megha Dhade rather than Somi Khan. 

Trying to create some happy and light moments in the show, Deepak Thakur tried to enlighten the mood of the housemates by singing a couple of songs including one having Sreesanth’s wife name and another won for Somi Khan. The housemates on Friday will once again decide who will get the kaal kothri punishment. 


Having a discussion on the next captain of the house earlier, Megha Dhade felt that she does not want that a person like Rohit Suchanti should become the captain of the house.

Jasleen Matharu feels that she gets more comfortable with Megha Dhade rather than Somi Khan. It will interesting to see in tomorrow's episode who will get the kaal kothri punishment.

A minor argument is beginning to erupt between Sreesanth and Romil Choudhary after the latter pointed issues with Sreesanth's match suggestions which offended Sreesanth. However, Romil justified his opinion saying his intention was not to underestimate Sreesanth.

Deepak Thakur also sang a song for Somi Khan and created some memorable moments in the Bigg Boss house. Focussing on the captaincy for this week, Megha will cast her vote for Surbhi Rana as she feels that Rohit Suchanti is prepared for the captaincy.

In another conversation, Karanvir is once again raking the case of Surbhi Rana and recalling her behaviour during previous tasks. Meanwhile, for a change, Deepak Thakur is singing a song by calling the name of Sreesanth's wife.

Sreesanth while justifying his attitude in the game said that his frustration in the game is legitimate. Meanwhile, Surbhi Rana also justified her frustration on Sreesanth after the task.

Surbhi Rana feels that all the housemates in the Bigg Boss game have double standard while Karanvir says that prefer to maintain the distance from those who have double standards.

Bigg Boss' advise for housemates

Bigg Boss has asked the housemates to get their acts together before it gets too late, indicating the behaviour of all the contestants in the game to rethink their strategies in the days to come.

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