Bigg Boss 12 Day 83 Episode 84 weekend ka vaar December 8 2018 LIVE written updates: A lot of action was seen in today’s weekend ka vaar as Salman Khan hosted the family members of the contestants and indulged in a serious conversation asking them what they feel about their conduct in the house. An interesting discussion was seen in the weekend ka vaar episode where family members of the contestants put their point forward as to how they like or did not like the way the contestants are playing the game. What do they think about them who was wrong, who was right, during the endless fights and arguments which keeps happening all the time.

Will the family members of the contestants will try to defend them or give an honest opinion inclusive of the views and reactions from the worldwide audience over their relative’s conduct in the Bigg Boss house. Apart from this, Salman Khan also grilled housemates on those several fights and arguments which took place over the week. 

In a special weekend ka vaar episode on Friday, Salman Khan pulled Surbhi Rana and Rohit Suchanti for their rude and violent behaviour during the week and asked them to behave before it gets too late. Salman Khan said that Surbhi Rana’s aggressive and violent behaviour was bringing her criticism from the audience and it was time that she should start behaving herself.

Salman Khan also pointed out that the in the past few days, the violence in the house was increasing and nobody was taking any initiatives to create some laughter moments in the house and light the atmosphere. 

Bigg Boss season 12 has almost entered in its final leg and according to Salman Khan’s yesterday’s announcement, two contestants will be eliminated in this week’s eviction since no one got eliminated in last week’s elimination. The contestants who were nominated last weekend will remain nominated for this week as well.

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