Bigg Boss 12 Day 87 Episode 88 December 12 2018 LIVE written updates: A war of words took place between Sreesanth and Romil Choudhary in their attempt to place themselves in the final leg of the show where Romil Choudhary was saying that only the god had the power to stop himself to win the trophy. Meanwhile, Sreesanth asked Surbhi Rana to destroy her most precious thing, which were the notes written on tissues, if she had to save Sreesanth. However, Surbhi Rana went forward and destroyed the tissues with the text on them.

As the day proceeded, Bigg Boss announced a new punishment for the housemates when he asked the house captain to take back 8 mattresses of the contestants. The punishment was given by the Bigg Boss to the housemates for sleeping during the day-time. Following Bigg Boss’ punishment, Surbhi Rana decided to take back Romil Choudhary, Karanvir Bohra and Deepak Thakur’s mattresses. She also wanted to the mattress of Dipika Kakkar but she rebelled. 

Dipika Kakkar said that why she should give her mattress when she was not sleeping during the day-time and she was not the reason because of which Bigg Boss gave the punishment. Coming into the defense of Dipika, Sreesanth also jumped into the argument which was taking place between Dipika and Surbhi Rana. Seeing this, Romil Choudhary said that Sreesanth was behaving like Dipika’s bodyguard and was always ready to protest her. 

In some other instances, just like Sreesanth had to ask Surbhi Rana to destroy the tissues, Sreesanth was asked by Dipika to destroy his family photographs if he wanted her out of the nominations. Sreesanth in a cute gesture did not even give a thought to it and destroyed family photographs to save Dipika. Watching this, she became extremely emotional and Sreesanth tried to console her.


After Bigg Boss' decision to take back the mattresses from the contestants, Dipika said that she will not give her mattress back as Bigg Boss did not give the punishment because of her. Following this a war of words started between Surbhi Rana, Sreesanth and Dipika Kakkar.

After housemates were caught sleeping durign the day time in the house, the Bigg Boss has asked the house captain to take back mattresses of 8 contestants as a punishment. Surbhi Rana decides to take back Romil, Deepak and KV Bohra's mattresses.

After seeing Sreesanth's gesture, Dipika Kakkar gets emotional that Sreesanth did not even give a thought before destroying his family photos to save her from the nominations. Sreesanth tried to calm her down.

Proving his loyality towards his brother-sister relationship with Dipika, Sreesanth did not even think for once and destoryed all his family photos which has been as a challenge for him if had to save Dipika.

Just like Sreesanth had to ask Surbhi Rana to destroy the tissue notes, now he has to destroy his family photos if he has to save Dipika. Sreesanth and Dipika have shared a good brother-sister relationship in the house and it is going to be a test for Sreesanth to prove his loyalty.

Sreesanth says Romil is arrogant

Sreesanth feels that Romil Choudhary has only one motive which is to seek attention in the house. Sreesanth calls Romil Choudhary an arrogant person and said that he's just a guest for a couple of weeks. Following this, a conversation between Deepak and Romil Choudhary started about Sreesanth's constant changing behaviour.

Romil Choudhary who is fighting hard to be in the game and reach to the semi-finals is saying that only God can stop him to win the trophy. Witnessing Romil Choudhary's eagerness and hush-hush to reach to the finals, an argument has started between him and Romil Choudhary

For Surbhi Rana, it is very difficult to destroy the notes written on issues. However, she has to give them for Sreesanth. However, after a while, she decided to help Sreesanth as she is her fan. Sreesanth is proud of her biggest fan.

Sreesanth has been called in the cave

Sreesanth has been called in the cave (guffa) and has been asked to tell Surbhi Rana that she will have to destroy the notes which been written on a set of tissues if he has to survive in the game. Sreesanth is off the view that she can't ask Surbhi to do that.

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