When the contestants woke up to Punjabiyaan Di Battery song, nobody would have thought that last day’s happening would influence this day on such scales. While Anup and Sreesanth are watching everybody from the other house, Deepak, Surbhi, Urvashi indulge in gossip about Sreesanth. They feel that Sreesanth used to give up easily and between the mudslinging, Deepak went all out against Karanvir and said that he was spineless without Sreesanth.

After the shocking conversation about the 2 assumed evicted contestants, conversation shifts to Urvashi and it’s revealed that she feels Urvashi is not good as she has entered into a comfort zone.

Sreesanth went all out against Deepika as well accusing her of being double-faced. He said that he is backstabbing everyone in the house.

Now, today’s catch came when Bigg Boss asked names of contestants for the KaalKothri punishment.

A major verbal spat ensued in the process when Karanveer Bohra, Neha Pendse and Deepika Kakar nominated Srishty Rode, Saba Khan and Somi Khan with the latter 2 disagreeing with their nomination.

Deepak nominated Karanvir, Sourabh and Shivashish while Deepika and Neha names Sourabh and Shivashish.

After much-heated debate, Srishty, Sourabh and Shivashish got the punishment of kaalkothri. And now Bigg gave a task to the 2 captains Romil and Surbhi.

They now had to choose the four members who need to charge themselves and Nehha, Dipika Urvashi and Jasleen get the task.

While Deepika drew flak from the housemates, Deepak and Urvashi got into banter for not understanding each other.

The much-heated episode 27 of Bigg Boss ended with Deepak apologising to Urvashi for not discussing his problems with her.


Now Deepak clarifies to Urvashi

Deepak tries to clam down Urvashi who as per Deepak feels that he is trying to control her, which is not the case

Housemates gang-up on Dipika

Housemates are blaming Dipika for nominating Sreesanth on which she straight away says that she does not want to clarify herself.

Deepak goes all out against Dipika

Deepak gets into a verbal spat with Dipika and says that he feels that she was faking her injury.

Task gets underway

Urvashi, Dipika, Nehha explain their stand to the housemates.

Nehha gets into verbal spat with Deepak

Deepak and Saba Khan get into a verbal spat with Nehha.

Captains nominate contestants

Surbhi and Romil nominate Nehha, Dipika Urvashi and Jasleen.

Dipika explains the new task

The chosen contestants have to point out their strengths and weaknesses while the in-task contestants have to defend themselves from their accusations.

Bigg Boss gives new task

Bigg Boss has given a new task. In this, the captains have to choose 4 people, 2 from the jodis and 2 from singles who need to improve their performance in the game and increase their involvement to stay in the game.

Karanvir and Surbhi get into an argument

It was apparent from the last episode that Karanvir and Surbhi will get into an argument.

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