The episode 41 of Bigg Boss 12 was an all new level of the game with Deepak and Megha fighting it out to become the new house captain. Contestants also upped their game to help their choice take the reigns of the house. Jasleen gave green chillies to Deepak to eat while Rohit offered Tabasco sauce to Megha to drink. After many more attempts by contestants, Megha decided to give up and Deepak literally became the last man standing.

The new day with new captain started with Mohabbat Hai Mirchi but the gang remained the same. Right now the house is divided into 2 groups with one on Deepak’s side and the other rest. When the day started, the rebellious camp of Anup Jalota, Jasleen, Shivashish, Dipika, KV, Urvashi, Sreesanth, and Shrishty decide that they won’t work under Deepak’s captaincy. But as the day progresses, Sreesanth and Dipika start to deviate from the rest and tilt towards Deepak’s side. But they are soon caught and Shrishty and Karanveer discuss how the 2 have started cooperating with Deepak despite refusing to do so earlier.


Now came the best part of the day, the nominations to kaalkothari. Shiv took Romil’s name, Saba took Shiv’s name and Rohit names Sreesanth. However, as captain, the perks are also there, Deepak was asked by Bigg Boss to change one name and Deepak changed Romil’s name with Jasleen’s. Finally Sreesanth, Jasleen and Shivashish were sent to the prison and quite obviously Jasleen is unhappy with the decision.

Again Sreesanth starts his rants and how upset he’s with himself, initially he even refused to go to prison but later agreed. Meanwhile an upset Jasleen gets into a verbal abuse with Surbhi and Deepak.

And from here, there’s no stopping to fights. Surbhi got into an argument with Sreesanth. However with the end of the episode inching close, the atmosphere turns upside down, Somi told Rohit that she felt Shrishty had something for him because she likes to dresses up for him.

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