After Karanvir Bohra became the captain of Bigg Boss house on Friday’s episode, members were in for a night with Salman on the Weekend Ka Vaar. Dipika Kakar’s sanchalan of the captain’s task was a major issue even before Salman touched upon it but when he did, it became quite clear he was not at all impressed with her sanchalan. Another house member today got Salman’s piece of mind regarding the glam girl Jasleen Matharu. Apparently, Deepak had made a comment about her, a personal one indeed. Deepak called Jasleen a gold-digger and this comment got a well-deserved rebuke from the host of the show.

Weekend Ka Vaar’s special’s guest today was Preity Zinta who had her fun with Sreeshant over the latter’s always whining attitude and empty threats of him leaving the house.

This time as well, the 4 nominated contestants were given a chance to give the names of contestants they would want to get nominated. Deepak took Jasleen’s name, Somi chose Shivashish, Romil took Shrishty’s name and Surbhi took Rohit’s name.

Dabangg Khan then moved to Romil and told him bluntly that his choice for sending Srishty for the nomination was a wrong decision, Romil tried his best to convince Salman but everybody knows, when he says something it’s for the good.

The Dabangg Khan then moved to Sreeshant and called him the mastermind of this week for nominating Deepak. Dipika was questioned for her sanchalan by everybody and how was it possible that Salman doesn’t have his share of fun with her sanchalan.

Then came the time to choose the ‘gunehgaar of the week’, and for quite the obvious reasons, Dipika was sent to the torture room.

Now the star of the week, Preity Zinta came to the stage and grooved with Salman on the tunes of “Bhumro Bhumro” and “Dhik Tana Dhik Tana”.

At the end, Salman does what he does the best, creates the atmosphere of the house a bit tensed on the nomination and then reveals that he’ll take the name of the eliminated contestant tomorrow.

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