Earlier on Saturday, Salman Khan didn’t unveil the suspense over the night’s eviction from Bigg Boss house. This week, Karanvir Bohra, Anup and Jasleen, Shrishty Rode and Sreesanth are in the danger zone and two of them will be leaving the house tonight. Besides this, Deepak and Sourabh took the Bigg Boss house by storm after they get into an ugly fight over the cheating during captaincy task. Sreesanth tries to calm down Deepak.

Bigg Boss 12 WEEKEND KA VAAR October 07 2018 LIVE written updates: 


Major suspense over Anup Jalota's eviction

Salman Khan unveils the suspense over Anup Jalota's eviction. Anup Jalota will stay in the other house and will watch whatever Jasleen is doing in his absence.

Who will levae the house Anup or Jasleen?

Bigg Boss is once again testing the love between Jasleen and Anup. It seems one of them will leave the house today. And, it is up to them to decide that who is that going to be1 Let's see what the most talked about jodi decides.

Bharti Singh steals the show!

Here comes the entire family in one frame. Although Salman Khan looks a bit confused!

And now comes Salman Khan's children!

We just got to know that Salman and Bharti have around 9 children and all of them just love their papa and his characters from the films.

Salman Khan and Bharti Singh on a roll today!

Bharati Singh aka Mrs. Khan enterains Bigg Boss audiences and Salman Khan.

Sreesanth gets emotional!

Sreesanth gets emotional after wife and kid's special message for him.

Karanvir wins the Sultani Akhaada

After winning the second and the final round of Sultani Akhada, Karnvir wins the Sultani Akhaada. Now, Deepak will do all the work for Karnvir in the coming week.

Verbal Akhaada: Karnvir wins the first round of Sultani Akaahda

In the first part of the Sultani Akhaada, Karnvir beats Deepak with his verbal hits.

Sultani AKhaada

Karanvir Bohra and Deepak Thakur are competing in Sultani Akhada this week. Let see who will win. The one who will win gets a special power according to which the loser has to do all the work of the winner for an entire week.

Nehha Pendse's remarkable pole dance

Here's a glimpse from Nehha Pendse's temperature soaring pole dance

Bharti Singh competes Jasleen Matharu in seducing Anup Jalota

Jasleen and Bharti try to seduce Anup Jalota. However, it seems that their moves are not enough to make Anup Jalota lose his control. Anup Ji wins the tough tasks as he doesn't move a bit after Jasleen and Bharti's sexy performance.

Nehha Pendse's phenomenal pole dance

Neha Pendse set the Bigg Boss house on fire with her remarkable pole dance skills. The temperature in Bigg Boss house seems a bit higher this night.

Deepak Thakur and Anup Jalota's melodious battle

Anup Jalota, Deepak Thakur's melodious jugalbandi makes Deepika Kakar teary-eyed. Some of the best moments from the Bigg Boss house so far.

Bharti Singh's fun visit to Bigg Boss' house

Bharti Singh entertains housemates with never-ending jokes.

Salman Khan recraetes the magic of Sultan

Salman Khan sings melodious Jag Ghumeya from Sultan and brought the Sultaan magic on screen once again.

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