Bigg Boss 12 is full of high-voltage drama and has been an emotional rollercoaster journey for a lot of housemates such as Dipika Kakkar, Sreesanth, Surbhi Rana, among many others. Drama inside the Bigg Boss house has refused to settle down. Just like all the Weekend Ka Vaar’s, even this Weekend Ka Vaar will be full of fireworks! Host Salman Khan will not only show the mirror to many of the housemates but also question Sreesanth for calling Surbhi Rana ‘characterless’ during a fight.

He will address the issue when Sree crossed his line and spoke in an unacceptable and objectionable manner with Surbhi Rana. However, Sree, who is known for his anger issues and flip personality in the show will get excessively angry after Salman speaks to him and makes him realise his mistake and when all housemates try to corner him, he walks off telling the host Salman Khan that he is done with the show. Will this be Sree’s last day in the controversial Bigg Boss house?

It is being anticipated that Sree will request Salman for letting him get out of the Bigg Boss house as he will express that he is not able to handle the torture which he is going through!

Also, the housemates will witness a strange thing in the Bigg Boss house and feel that someone is doing black magic in the house!


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  1. these weeks bigg boss task for captaincy was great as all the house members became school going kids and the ware waring the school bag of the contestant that they want to eliminate from the task I was suppressed as Romil was first to be eliminated by Deepak and Rohit and srusit won the task waiting forward to see how will become new captain of the house and also on weekend Salman Khan will address the level of violence in the house if you have missed the episodes you can watch it on voot.

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