Bigg Boss season 13 ended on Saturday, but the grudges between the contestants are still on. Actor Mahira Sharma, who was linked with Paras Chhabra, has said that doesn’t want to see Shehnaaz Gill’s face again.

Mahira said she is a loyal person and likes honest people. On the rift with Shehnaaz Gill, she said there was nothing from her side but Shehnaaz never considered her as a friend.

She added that she doesn’t like people who are fake or keeps flipping. Mahira saod she doesn’t want to see Shehnaaz after the show because she ditched her add in rest of the contestants had a direct fight or said bad things on her face. But Shehnaaz always hided her real face, behaved well bitched behind her back.

She further added that she is happy that the show has finally ended and she would not be linked with Paras anymore. She called Paras just a good friend l, who would soon be a part of another reality show ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karoge’.

Paras Chhabra would now look for a wife to get married with the help of Colors TV.

Mahira told the media that Paras was and would always remain a good friend. She said she would help him in finding a perfect bride in the TV show Mujhse Shaadi Karoge, adding she is set to dance at her friend’s wedding.

Earlier, the way Mahira and Paras were close in the show, even had kissed, Bigg Boss viewers thought something was cooking between the both.

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