Bigg Boss 13: After the entry of wild card contestants in the house, more twists and more fights have raised the level of the show. Everyone is just playing their mind games and like all the recent episodes of Bigg Boss 13, tonight’s episode is also going to be fun watching it. As per the latest promo of the show, we know that we can’t miss tonight’s episode as Hindustani Bhau’s fart on demand will remain the highlight of the show.

In the promo video, we can see Bhau farting where Shehnaaz Gill and Khesari Lal Yadav are also with him. While Shehnaaz enjoys the fun, Yadav gets irritated by what Bhau is doing to entertain. Sana asks Bhau to stop but keeps farting and Yadav leaves the place saying that he has nothing to react to Bhau’s fun. Meanwhile, Shefali Zariwala comes in and she also gets surprised with what Bhau is doing.

Apart from this, tonight’s episode will be interesting for yet another reason which is the argument between Sidharth Shukla and Arti Singh. Sidharth will taunt Arti on being fake as she will try to correct Himanshi. Arti will clarify with Sidharth that she won’t agree to whatever he says as she has the liberty to have her own opinions. In this season of Bigg Boss, Sidharth has always been the limelight of the show.

We have always seen from the starting of Bigg Boss 13 that host Salman Khan has always supported Sidharth and even that led to fans’ hatred for him and they started trolling Salman on Twitter. Another promo shows the tussle between Vishal Aditya Singh and Sidharth Shukla where Sid tries to trap Vishal in his talks. Now, let’s wait for tonight’s episode to watch what’s more it has to entertain.

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