BIZGURUKUL, encourages us to e-learn and up-skill to choose offbeat careers…!

25 June, 2021 | newsx bureau

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Bizgurukul is a place for students who wish to explore alternate careers in digital space such as digital marketing, content writing, copywriting, personal branding, Facebook and Instagram marketin...

Learn out of the Box!

In ancient India, Business and gurukul both were available only to the elite class. Gurukul was an education system where students (shishya) lives with the teachers (Guru) at the same place and get to learn all the subjects and life skills required to live a good life. Gradually we modernized, and a vast gap arose between teachers and students, not only in locations but in every sense. Gurukul helped students to build skillsets in many different areas and not merely chasing the degrees. Also, Business is a practical subject to learn. Books can teach us many things, not everything. In the 21st century, while the education system upgrades, so do the way of doing business.

It took one year and chronic disease to make us realize the importance of being skilled, consistently upskilling, and a need of a mentor to lead a sustainable life. Schools and colleges were closed, and people got laid off, many businesses suffered a shutdown. But as it is said, where there is a lock, there is a key. If pandemics brought a challenge, technology gave the solution. Thanks to the internet, ONLINE became the new OFFLINE. Now teachers and students shared the same roof as GURUKUL in ancient India, and many people realized that if their skills can get them a job, it can also help them build a business. India launched several start-ups in 2020; however, EdTech start-ups top the charts. And why not?

What is Bizgurukul…?

Bizgurukul is a place for students who wish to explore alternate careers in digital space such as digital marketing, content writing, copywriting, personal branding,  Facebook and Instagram marketing, video making, and other courses to upskill like Microsoft office, email marketing, personality development, public speaking, etc. They offer over 20 different courses in varying fields taught by young mentors who are young professionals in that area.

In current times, even a family of three has a minimum of four gadgets at their home, whether mobiles or laptops; however, the internet is mainly used for entertainment; here comes an e-learning platform that offers a plethora of education on everything related to digital entrepreneurship, Bizgurukul is a gateway to more unconventional careers. Moreover, Bizgurukul has been a harbinger of Online-Entrepreneurship through its courses, and the affiliate program proved to be an exceptional platform for learners and teachers.

How the journey began…?

Bizgurukul laid its foundation in March 2020 intending to provide online education and earning source to everyone who needs while sitting at home. A start-up by three friends; Ritwiz (Founder), Rohit (Co-Founder), and Keshave (Leadership mentor); experienced in marketing and digital space. A journey that started with a simple mission to make digital marketing and personality development courses and teach people how to monetize those skills took momentum after the first few courses. They received a remarkable response from tier 2 and tier 3 cities in six months that encouraged them to take this really big.

What’s new…?

Undoubtedly people have options. There are numerous programs and trainers available. Some are free, and some are paid. “Most of them tell you what to do; however, people suffer while execution. Bizgurukul is different in their training, affiliate program, and personal mentorship,” says Ritwiz, founder of Bizgurukul. They have a unique vision. They want every household of India to have at least one online income source using just a smartphone and internet facility. It also makes every Indian future-ready by up-scaling their skills for the market demand today.

What lies in the future goals…?

Currently having a user base of more than 50,000 students across India, this bootstrapped start-up aims to reach 1 lakh users by December 2021. Collaborating with several excellent trainers, they plan to Launch many more courses within the next few months with a straight vision of giving its consumers a platform where they not only learn a skill but receives a space to earn a living. In addition, their affiliate program has given youth a chance to make their own pocket money with a personal mentorship program. Seeing their growth trajectory, their goal of educating 1 million youngsters of India by 2025 doesn’t surprise us at all.