Sunday, December 3, 2023

BJP’s Campaigns with Sewa Hi Vichar, Nahi Khokhale Prachar for MCD poll

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At a meeting conducted at the BJP office in Delhi discussing the MCD election, which was presided over by state in-charge Vijayant Jai Panda, the party resolved to form 21 election management committees in order to prepare for the impending poll and will campaign for the upcoming Delhi Municipal Corporation election with ‘Sewa hi vichar, nahi khokhale prachar’ slogan.

There are other more committees that have been formed, such as the Manifesto Committee, Suggestion Committee, Video Van Committee, Advertisement Committee, Social Media Committee, and Griha Sampark Abhiyan Committee. A nodal committee was established in order to improve communication between all of these groups. Its convener would be BJP leader Ashish Sood, the source added.

Adesh Gupta, the state president of the BJP, and other BJP leaders were in attendance.

Adesh Gupta, the president of Delhi State, said: “The meeting today was quite noteworthy. 21 electoral committees have been formed. such as the campaign committee for an election, the recommendation committee, etc. The BJP campaigners will interact with residents of the National Capital who speak a variety of languages and inform them of the party’s ideology. The party will offer tickets to those who consistently strive for the sake of Delhi’s citizens, even if there was no debate about it during the meeting.”

Notably, as a result of the Ministry of Home’s announcement on Tuesday on the redrawing of wards for the Delhi civic body, Municipal Corporation of Delhi, the total number of civic body polling wards in the national capital decreased from 272 to 250. (MCD).

Following the “delimitation” of MCD wards by the federal government, there will be 250 total wards in the MCD, of which 42 have been designated as reserved.

The Union Home Ministry’s 800-page notification included comprehensive information on each of the 250 wards that were created in the new form following delimitation.

According to the official letter, “The final order of delimitation has been published following revision on the ideas and complaints of the general public and political parties.”

Elections are anticipated to take place soon after the final delimitation order has been issued. It should be remembered that the North Delhi Municipal Corporation, South Delhi Municipal Corporation, and East Delhi Municipal Corporation were made up of a total of 272 wards prior to the merger of the corporations. While East Delhi Municipal Corporation had 64 wards, North Delhi Municipal Corporation and South Delhi Municipal Corporation both had 104. However, there are currently only 250 wards as a result of the delimitation.

Notably, AAP Delhi expressed reservations about the unequal demographic distribution in the ward delineation. Leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party met with state election authorities to voice their opposition.

It is important to note that the delimitation draught was created on September 12 and was reviewed up to October 3.

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